April 19, 2019



Have you ever entered your new apartment and wonder which curtain will serve best for the windows in your living room, bedroom or any other room in the house or apartment?

Yes, a lot of people find themselves in this dilemma and are usually lost as to what curtain design they can apply to their rooms to suit the lighting and décor.

Matching color and texture of curtains and drapes to the painting and décor of a home does not always seem to work for some house. Sometimes, what you need is to tweak the design of the curtain itself to bring out its full glory. Also, the type of curtain hardware used to hold up and design the drapes can add elegance and beauty to the finishing.

For example, the drape below could have been hung straight and still look nice, but with our one of a kind Swarovski crystal-embellished hardware and the design we employed when hanging it, the result is a dining room with splendor.


Also, Which curtains look best with my living room? It is a question we get almost day of the week as most people are tired of doing the same old sheer straight curtain hanging. And this is where we step in to help. But to drive home the point, we would do a quick review of the types of drapes that are commonly used based on their attachment style:

  • PANELS WITH RINGS: This is also known as the Grommet and eyelet. It consists of ringed panels that are attached to the top of the edge of the fabric. This type of design is common and produces a curtain or drape that stretches across the window and flows downwards. Not much design can be derived from this style as custom hardware isn’t used, just the generic rod and ring.
    • PLEATED PANELS: This is a classic type of drapery design. They are the most formal type of curtains and consist of a rod from which pleated fabric is hung. The pleated panels come in different designs like Pinch pleat, Goblet Pleat, Pencil Pleat, Cartridge Pleat, and Tuxedo Pleat.
    • TAB TOP: This consists of loops of fabric which are sewn into the top of the curtain through which the curtain rod hardware passes through. Most times, valances are attached to this style of design to hide away the loops. This style usually cascades into a straight or ripple-like curtain style.
    • ROD POCKET PANELS: This is the most simplistic of curtain designs. Here the curtain just slips through a channel or piece of clothing sewn into the back of the curtain. This way, the rod is well hidden. Some homeowners still prefer to add valances to cover up the protrusions at the end.


Having looked at the various curtain designs, you will find out that they all produce curtains that just hang down in one flow without much elegance except for the occasional pleats in the pleated panels. Also sometimes they can be held back with simple decorative tie-backs but that doesn’t give it much of an elegant design.

But at galaxy designs, we style your drapes to suit the window. Whether it be a sitting room, dining room, kitchen, patio or bedroom. Our unique designs are top-notch. The pictures below are examples of some of the designs we have done.


At galaxy designs, we provide fully decorative curtain hardware that blends custom drapes. Our Swarovski hardware comes in different designs that suit whatever type of window or door you are trying to the cloth. Take a look at some of our designs and compare them with the generic straight curtains that are obtainable. Also, notice the stylishly crafted curtain hardware used to hold the curtains in place and see why we are the best drapes and Curtain Company in the world.

For more design ideas and see which drapery packages are best for you, watch this video Elegant Drapery Designs for Every Window Type and start customizing your own drapery packages.

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