Luxury Window Treatments in New York

Luxury Window Treatments New York

Luxury Window Treatments New York Styles

Worth their investment, window treatments, draperies & curtains can readily assist for years to come to identify a space layout. And Galaxy Design is keen to share its experience in luxury curtain packages, draperies & curtain ideas, and inspiration for your home when it comes to the best draperies & curtains of 2022.

From elevated living room curtains to clever and practical bedroom draperies, styles and must-haves to consider when looking for a quick refreshment room that could also work to boost the value of your home especially in New York. Let’s talk about trends in New York draperies & curtains.

If 2018 was all about matte designs and characteristics, 2019 appears to be channeling the contrary direction with luxurious luxury tone fabric curtain coupled with high-gloss designs. Luxury tones are a simple way to add a magnificent feeling of everyday elegance while adding the depth required to any space in the building–turning luxury design & gold tones window treatments into a great source of inspiration for living room curtain concepts.

The finest fabrics for the display are velvet or silk, adding another layer of the richness of earthen tones. colors are also an excellent complement to an eclectically designed space when considering colorful curtain thoughts. You can find all these tones in our collections on our website.

For living spaces curtain inspirations are airy and light tones. They can be soft and soothing, softening the light and allowing the right amount of filter to stay out of direct sunlight while keeping your room light and airy.

For luxury window treatments New York, Neutral tone draperies & curtains are great for breaking up a bold patterned wallpaper or a choice of bright wall color. If you have a naturally dark room, it’s good to let the maximum amount of light pass through while still giving you the option to block all the light if you need it (perfect for curtain ideas in the bedroom).

Neutral tones can be clothed or clothed, giving you full flexibility in obtaining the ideal decor of the space. Neutral tones are classic, so you can easily change the room around the curtains and move between traditional and modern curtain ideas.

These are the main trends and design choices when you think about New York City. That is the reason we call ourselves pioneer in draperies & curtains industry.

New York

A City That Never Sleeps!!!

New York is at the forefront of Western art, leisure, developments in cuisine, fashion, and finance. Now, when you compile a manual like this, you might get sweet and vague.

New York City consists of 5 boroughs where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Hudson River. Manhattan is at its heart, a heavily inhabited borough that is one of the biggest business, economic and cultural centers in the world. Its iconic places include skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and widespread Central Park. The Broadway Theater takes place in Times Square, a neon-lit place.

It’s not liked the absence of over – the-top entertainment, culture, or cool hotels and restaurants in New York— but it’s about to get a whole bunch more. The city is going to be home to some fun new attractions this spring and summer (and beyond).

But to tell the truth, things that we are listing are not enough for a city like New York, that’s why our list is shamelessly packed with big-hitters, from the Statue of Liberty to Central Park, Ellis Island, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Empire State, Broadway, and Brooklyn Bridge.

If you want to do justice in New York, even if you are going to be accompanied by a few thousand tourists, these things are non-negotiable. Here are a few:

The Statue of Liberty Museum, this 26,000-square-foot museum is scheduled to open in May with the original torch of the icon and its history and significance exhibitions.

Times Square, New York’s busiest square, is renowned for its many theaters, theaters and digital billboards on Broadway. It’s one of those locations that makes New York a never-sleeping town. Read more about this… When it was built between 1901 and 1903, the Flatiron was one of the highest houses in the world.

Broadway openings, the stage version of the 80s hit film Tootsie, featuring Santino Fontana — known for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and as Hans in Frozen — in the role of Dustin Hoffman (starting March 29 at the Marquis Theatre) is among the many shows opening this year.

Hudson Yards, this massive, splashy development on the West Side of Manhattan (bounded by 30th and 34th Streets and 10th and 11th Avenues) will include more than 100 shops and restaurants, including Mercado Little Spain, Chef José Andrés ‘ Spanish shop, and a comfortable tearoom with daytime pastries and alcohol at night is the famous place.

Expansion of the Museum of Modern Art, among other fresh characteristics the museum has an enormous fresh performance room, an additional 40,000 square feet of gallery rooms and more frequently changing shows, including more Modernist art and works from a wider spectrum of performers.

Apart from every beautiful & spectacular thing this city has already, the newest edition is Galaxy Design; windows treatment company. Let’s take a look at Galaxy design.

About Galaxy design

In a nutshell … Our company, Galaxy Design window treatments & draperies, based in California since 40 years and our team members & craftsmen, strives to offer you its expertise in  the window treatment of your house,  to  protect your windows & furnishings from the harsh sun and provide shadow as well as compliment the house decoration and give it a finished look

We are also able to provide the luxury drapery hardware of your window treatments. We have three collections namely Gem, Classic & crystal hardware collections.

Good window coverings for your home or business premises is important. At Galaxy design, we are specialists in the draperies & window treatment packages of all types of window types.

Why us

We take care of all the work necessary for the realization of perfect curtains, measuring the window, knowing the window type, choosing the curtains & draperies, delivering and a step-by-step guide to install.

Our company, Galaxy Design window treatments & draperies, offers various services in the field of luxury window treatments in new york. We offer quality over quantity. We evaluate your project to propose the solution corresponding best to your wishes and imperatives. We provide what suits best to your budget & we offer value to your money.

We have 100% client satisfaction because our clients are privileged assets for us. We take care of our clients in every way possible way.