Are you planning on updating your home’s interior design? If yes, then you must have made your mind to bring home new curtains for your windows. Curtains are a mandatory accessory for your home as they play a pivotal role in its decoration. This is why interior designers pay so much importance to the selection of curtains; they put in a lot of time and go through dozens of designs and color schemes before they settle on a decision. Since you have made up your mind, you need to know how much to pay for custom curtains? Knowing how much to pay will make your decision easier, and you will be able to buy high-quality custom curtains without getting ripped off.

Why Buy Custom Curtains?

Why people give more preference to custom curtains? Why are custom curtains more expensive? How much to pay for custom curtains? These are some of the questions that might be going on in your mind. Let’s find their answers. The following are the three main reasons anyone would buy custom curtains instead of buying curtains off the shelf.

The Size Issue: Most of the time, people have odd sized windows installed in their homes, which is why buying a standard readymade curtain is not an option for them. The windows installed at homes do not have any standard size; some have big windows, while others have small, which is the main reason why most people prefer to buy custom curtains so that they can have perfect fitting for their apex dormer or sash windows.

Quality: Although you might find the quality of readymade curtains to be very good these days, nothing beats the quality offered by custom-made curtains. Whether it is the fabric or the finish, the final product is always better than mass-produced in a factory. A custom-made curtain is especially made for you with all the care and attention from the seamstress. Once a person buys a custom-made curtain, he cannot make up his mind to purchase a readymade one.

Choice: There is an exceptional range of options when it comes to custom-made curtains. From the fabric to the trimming, each and every step allows you to go totally custom and come up with a unique final product that is one of a kind.

What to Expect from Custom Made Curtains?


The custom curtains are going to cost you more than the ready-made ones. The reason is that custom curtains are made specifically on custom orders by keeping particular guidelines, exact measurements, and customizations in mind. The final product will be of high quality and exactly like you desired. Another prominent reason why custom curtains are expensive is the fact that they are not made in bulk.

Look and Style

If you have bought a new house or just renovating your old one, a new curtain should be on your agenda, and if you want to achieve a particular look or a style, then custom curtains are the perfect option. Every room has a unique touch of class, and you need a unique style for your curtains to complement your room’s look. Custom curtains give you a wide range of fabric colors and texture to choose from, and you can always add as many customizations as you want with its configuration.

Your Windows & Doors

Every room will have different orientations and sizes of windows and doors, and this is where custom curtains are a far better solution than readymade curtains. You can design every curtain according to your desired measurements and customizations. In this way, you will achieve the perfect fitting of curtains for every room.


Although you will have to pay more money for custom curtains, it is totally worth spending the extra few dollars on getting a premium quality product that is according to your desire and is a perfect fit for your home. We will discuss how much to pay for custom curtains in the next section, but remember, quality should be a top priority, and if you are spending money to achieve a perfect final product, it is worth it. The quality of the final product not only depends on the quality of the fabric but also on the craftsman involved in making your custom curtains, and competent craftsmen usually charge more.

How Much to Pay for Custom Curtains?

How much to pay for custom curtains? Well, the answer to this question is not so straight forward. Different factors affect the final pricing of custom curtains. If you are getting your curtains custom made by a designer, they are going to charge you much more than a yard store. The average price for custom curtains is somewhere around $250-$1500/panel. If you want to add curtain extras like rings, clips, and valances, they will cost you anywhere between $5 to $600. Holdbacks and finials will cost you an additional $7-$80. And if you are interested in adding fashionable cornice, it will add up another $150 to $600 in the total price.

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Wrap Up

If you are looking to decorate your house, then custom curtains will be a perfect addition. Not only will they be of high quality, but you will also be able to get them stitched in any design you want. With a vast range of fabric to choose from, you will definitely find the one you like. But how much to pay for custom curtains? That solely depends on how much you are willing to put in. The more you spend the more the quality of the final product will be achieved. In this article, we have told you the average price of everything used in the manufacturing of a custom curtain. Now you will be able to decide for yourself how much to pay for custom curtains without getting ripped off.