April 2, 2020

How To Measure Drapes

How to measure drapes is a common question that comes to our mind while we are preparing to get the right set of curtains for our house. A proper set of curtains does add charm to a room and is by far a lot more than just window dressing.

Measuring curtains in the right way can add up personality, provides privacy, and can help in filtering the sunlight. But the fact is even the most stylish looking draperies cannot add charm to the room if the installer doesn’t know how to measure windows for curtains. Knowing the answer to the question of how to measure drapes, can be a cherry on the cake and at the same time can make a dull looking room into a beautiful one in just a blink of an eye.

Before you get to buy a perfect set of draperies for your beautiful house, it is an absolute necessity to get the right curtain size and window measurements. Down below in this project guide we have tried to give you an explanation and some D-I-Y steps to the question of how do you measure curtains in a perfect way right from measuring the width of the panel to the selection of perfect curtain hardware.

How To Measure Drapes: Determining The Exact Way To Mount The Drapes

While you are in the process of how to measure drapes, it is a must requisite to decide on the first place if you want to mount it inside or outside of the window panel. Both of these mounting ideas do add a completely new and different aesthetic to your space.

  • How To Measure Drapes: Inside Mounting Of The Drapes.

Though not that common in the US, still this mounting technique does provide a different and stylish look. Inside mount means the use of the curtain rod the window panel providing a streamline and crystal-clear appearance along with a minimalist look.

  • How To Measure Drapes: Outside Mounting Of The Drapes.

This is the most common mounting technique to answer your question of how to measure curtain size. Here the curtain rod is placed towards the outer part of the window frame and the main benefit of this type is it does provide a bigger and more luxurious look to your space.

How To Measure Drapes: Finding The Perfect Curtain Rod And Its Length

The question of how do I measure for curtains cannot be left aside without choosing the perfect curtain rod or its length. In most cases, curtain rods are almost about three to six inches more than the window frame. However, as because these rods can be installed in different ways, knowing where to install them correctly does affect the exact length of the rod. The curtain rod mounts can be of various types such as below trim curtain mount, inside trim curtain mount and above trim curtain mount.

How To Measure Drapes: Choosing The Length of the Draperies

The exact thing to consider next while in the process of how to measure drapes is the style of the interior and the perfect length of the curtains. Altogether there are three different styles to hang the draperies depending the look you are looking for

  • How To Measure Drapes Till The Floor: In this style of curtain décor, the length of the curtain should be at least 1cm above the floor.
  • How To Measure Drapes Above The Sill: In this style, your set of draperies usually sits above the sill by around 1cm.
  • How To Measure Drapes Below The Sill: Here the curtain sits roughly about 15cm down the sill.

How To Measure Drapes: Getting The Right Length

The most common way of measuring curtains is width by length, where the length of the curtain is considered from the curtain rod to the bottom of the window sill or the window panel. Getting to choose the perfect curtain length for your space completely depends on the look you want and the way you desire to hang your curtains.

While you are in the process of how to measure drape length you need to place the measuring tape just on the top of the frame to get the exact measurement. If you want your curtain to be placed a bit higher, measure an additional length of 20 inches to get an elongated look.

How To Measure Drapes: Getting The Exact Width

In order to give a perfect appearance to your personal space, the width of your drapery should be almost around 1 ½ to 4 times the width of your window panel. Although this completely depends on your own wish, and the ultimate design you want to achieve by the end of your curtain project. Remember, while you are in the process of how to measure drapes, fuller drapes tend to give a richer appearance to your window panes whereas draperies with a bit shorter width provide a more elegant and custom-tailored look. Remember while buying draperies, window panels come as a separate item, so you should always recheck if you need to buy it as a partner or if it comes as a pair. If you buy the window panel separately try to double the listed width of the drapery panel. For example, you can always use a piece of blanket or tablecloth for reference.


  • Windows of the living room or bedroom can always be treated with a layered look. Try giving the back curtain a fullness than the other layers. The second layer of the curtain usually presents a frame to the window.
  • Valence is a far better choice than draperies for your bay windows, though you can always install a curtain rod for the window to hang curtains. Remember curtains for your bay window need not look too full, otherwise, they can provide a clumsy appearance to your living area.

Answering the question of how to measure draperies is far more than what we generally understand, but the above-guided tips can really help in bringing charm to your window to a whole new level.

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