February 20, 2020

How To Hang Drapes

A pair of curtains can add real charm to a room. Curtains are a whole lot more than just window dressing. A nice pair of curtains can make a dull looking room into a beautiful one in just a blink of an eye. But even the most stylish looking set of curtains won’t do any justice to the appearance of the room if someone doesn’t know how to hang curtains in a proper way. A beautiful room with poorly hanging curtains cheapens everything else and can make each and everyone look uncomfortable. Though the involvement of a ladder in this process might feel pain and can be hazardous, hanging drapes can be a quick and easy process once you have all the right tools and know all the right steps.

Now, right before you install your window garments, make sure you know how to hang drapes the right way. Below, you’ll find step by step guide of how to put those beautiful curtain rods up and say a bye to your naked windows.

Wrong Ways To Hang Curtains:

Curtains are surely an investment if your beautiful house has a lot of airy windows. You do have to spend quite a lot of bucks on the hardware tools and the fabric to create a wow factor for your house but there are some common mistakes that people generally do while working with their new set of draperies as there are a lot of limitations for the question of how to hang drapes in the right way.

  • Noting down wrong measurements: The first thing that should come to your mind while you are thinking of how to hang drapes is the measurement factor, which is commonly mistaken by most of the people. Though it is true that you should well know the size of your windows, the height in which you should hang curtain rods should be much higher than the window top. Hanging curtains close to the ceiling can make the room, feel airier which is a must in case of small spaces.

How to take measurements and how to hang curtains in a proper way:

  • Measure from top to bottom: Don’t you know how to hang drapes? Start around two to three inches down the ceiling, and measure all the way to the bottom of the wall to obtain a perfect curtain length.
  • Measurement of The Width: Measure the width of the window, and then multiply that number by 2 or 2.5 to get a perfect length and avoid a blunt look.
  • Ways to hang high water curtains: The fact that your jeans might look great with cropped ankle but that is not the same in case of curtains. Not taking proper measurements can lead to the wrong panel length. If you cannot find drapes of the exact size you need, always buy them long or you can add a contrasting color fabric to the bottom of your short panels and make them kiss the floor.
  • Buying the best hardware: The question of how to hang drapes is directly proportional to the purchasing of high-quality curtain hardware. Though you can save money by purchasing low-quality items as most of the hardware would be hidden by the curtain itself but there are some common pitfalls that should be avoided.
  • Buying flimsy rods: Do not buy any rod that isn’t rigid or not sturdy to support the weight of the drapes, resulting in a bend in the middle. Always go for quality products.
  • Buying a rod shorter than the width: Are you worried about how to hang drapes? Buying a rod that is not of the exact length, results in curtains covering most of your window. Be sure to take proper measurements and buy a rod extending beyond the window’s dimension, to able to open your drapes wide.
  • Don’t forget to skip the iron part: This is the most skipped step done while hanging drapes in common. If you are giving your windows the nice touch, make sure your curtains are not wrinkled.

How to hang drapes over vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds are mostly installed in apartments as they are inexpensive and help in blocking the sun. Mostly these blinds are ugly looking and don’t match the decor of your house. An inexpensive way to cover them is by installing brackets on the cornice to hang the drapes on the front side of the blinds or by opting for velcro stationary curtains which can be fitted from inside the blinds.

How to hang drapes from the ceiling?

Curtains are usually hanged just above the windows but if you want to add a little more height and give a taller visual effect to your room this can be the option. For this process, all that is needed is a drill machine, some curtain hooks, a curtain rod and voila you are good to go.

How to hang drapes with grommet panels?

Curtain panels having grommet tops provide a clean and simple look perfectly suiting a casual or a contemporary interior. The presence of no rings or hooks makes these panels the cheapest and easiest curtains to hang.

How to hang drapes without drilling a hole?

Hanging curtains and drapery can be a pain in itself from measuring dimensions to installing curtain rods but there is a certain hack that can save you from this pain. One of the hacks is by using coat hooks. These can be really a versatile tool besides holding your coats and jackets they can even serve the purpose of holding your curtains as they require no drilling. The only problem using them is that they require precise measurements and opening and closing them is a task in itself. They can best serve the purpose of a decorative window.

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