February 20, 2020

How To Choose Best Drapery Colors

Draperies can be a whole lot more than just window dressing offering a lot of practicality such as warmth and energy-saving benefits. Draperies can be responsible to change the whole look and appearance of a room. Since ages psychologist has stated that colors of a room or its surroundings are responsible to add a new charm affecting our lives, our homes, and our moods. A bright bold or hushed hues drapery can be a perfect match for our home decor. Choosing the best drapery colors for our houses can help them look more beautiful and a whole lot more stylish.

But before choosing the best drapery colors for your beautiful house, it is very important to emphasize a few points, helping you decide which color suits your room best.

  • The functionality of your drapes is the first and foremost: Identifying the best curtains for the living room could be the best place to start with. To be more precise high-quality drapes can help in regulating the room temperature and even provide some sort of sound insulation. Always remember to think of your practical needs before picking up the best curtains online.
  • Coming to the best fabric and best color curtains for living room: Fabric and colors are the most important and essential part for choosing a drapery since these two are the factors which can tell how well your curtains withhold up with time and how well these go with your home decor. To make your curtains look more beautiful it is advisable to work with a big piece of high quality drapes since a smaller one might not hold a fabrics drape properly.

Now after you have made your mind reading the above two points about the function for which you want your drapes and the quality of fabric you want let’s get deep into choosing the best color curtains for living room or your bedroom:

Colors have been adding life in many objects since ages and picking the right curtain color has its own limitations. For example, choosing a set of best drapery colors for your master bedroom is a whole lot different from choosing a set of colored curtains to cover your sliding door. For a great professionally decorated, cohesive look it is mandatory to coordinate your drapes with the colors of the wall.

  • Repeating the wall colors: To give a color-coordinated look choosing a shade similar to that of your wall could be the best option. If you are opting for any patterned curtains, make sure a bit of your wall color is contained in them. If the room color is white, the best drapery color option can be an off white or ivory-colored ones and this can surely add a competing visual element to your room. This option of matching your wall colors is generally overlooked but when done perfectly, it can give an elegant appearance to the whole area.
  • Giving a Monochromatic touch: For giving a classic touch to your walls the best drapery colors can be a solid colored one. For example, selecting a burnt orange high quality drapes can be the best option if your walls are of apricot color or vice versa. To get a noticeable subtler color difference, it is advisable to stay within two shades of your wall color.
  • Choosing Complimentary Colors: The complementary color scheme can be one of the best drapery colors and look very classic and elegant. Though the complementary color scheme sits just opposite to each other on a color wheel the contrast can be great when used with solid colored curtains to solid-colored walls. For example, the best-complimenting color for a blue wall could be orange with a pinch of white or ivory stripes or geometric shapes.
  • Keeping the colors neutral: If you are having dark colors on your walls, the best drapery color perfectly matching your walls could be a neutral one. For example, you can opt for colored curtains such as ivory, off white or champagne if you are looking for something less stark. To even add a visual effect, the best drapery color for a cool textured wall can be oyster or dove gray. A scrolling design or an appliqued ribbon design can also bring charm to your curtains.

Things to remember while choosing the best color curtains for living room:

  • Right before choosing the best drapery color, decide if you want your curtains to blend with the surroundings.
  • If you are opting to blend, go for a tone that is slightly a few shades darker than the wall, to create a contrast.
  • You can even opt for any patterns or geometric shapes but don’t forget to repeat it at some other places in the room to give it an upscale appearance.
  • You can even add a bit of drama by choosing the best drapery color with high-quality floral patterns or geometric patterns along with some bold colors.
  • The best drapes could be the one with more substantial thread count, making it more durable. The added weight could make the curtains to hang and drape more beautifully.

Remember even the best-selling curtains with the best drapery color and the best fabric may fade out eventually with the harsh sun, so you can delay the process by:

  • Use a very good quality of lining to help provide extra insulation and prevent your drapes from UV damage.
  • Ensure that your curtain track is wide so that your drapes can be pulled away from the windows during the summers.
  • Use a sun-screening roller frequently during summers to avoid the intense UV rays from damaging your curtains.
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