February 20, 2020

How To Design A Room Using Drapes

Drapes are one of the fundamental aspects of home decoration. It makes your house look beautiful and gives an aesthetic touch to it. The room design using drapes are the best you can do to make your house look beautiful. When you’re decorating, the furniture and artwork are usually a room’s real statement pieces. However, curtains or drapes can make quite a splash too, particularly if your home has oversized windows or a large number of them. Decorating with window treatments isn’t difficult you just have to know how to choose the right ones for the look and style you want. Room design using drapes can give you the ultimate touch of luxury to your house and it will elevate your living experience to the next level.

  • Go for A Pattern: If you incorporate a pattern to your home for room design using drapes it will become very easy to break up a palette of solid color and add a touch of visual interest to your living rooms. It can be an ideal option for your bedroom curtain ideas or living room based on your choice of preference. It is very common that you might not want to include bold patterns on the walls of your room or pieces of large furniture as they are not only permanent but also relatively much costly. However, room design using drapes in the ideal option to go for because drapes and curtains are very easy to change. If you get bored with a pattern you can easily change it and make a new treatment in place of the old one. The best option would be to go for floral print curtains that are delicate in nature and give you a traditional classic look. However, if you want to give a French flair to your room design using drapes hand them with a chic toile print. On the other hand, if you want to give your home a modern look use chevron to hand the curtains or you can even use animal prints to make them look funkier.
  • Contrast Addition: Curtains or drapes are an ideal way to incorporate an accent color into your room design using drapes. For the most striking look, create a contrast between the wall color and the curtains so the window treatments really draw the eye. You can create a simple look by using curtains or drapes in a shade that differs in depth from the wall color. For example, if your walls are a light tan, hang rich chocolate brown drapes. If your walls are dark blue-gray, opt for sky blue curtains for room design using drapes. For a bolder contrast, pair two shades with differing undertones. Hanging warm terra cotta curtains against navy walls or cool sage drapes against cranberry walls offers a striking look that gives your room a fresh, modern vibe.
  • Beautify With Texture: Curtains and drapes come in a variety of materials, so you can also use their texture to add dimension to your room design using drapes. For example, if you’re creating an elegant, sophisticated room with a velvet sofa, sumptuous silk curtains can make the space even more luxurious. You can also use curtains to help balance the textures in a room soften the look of a masculine leather couch by pairing it with lightweight sheer curtains or dress up a plain cotton microfiber couch with tweed drapes. Simply choosing curtains or drapes in a fabric with an eye-catching texture can also punch up the look of your room. Consider suede, velvet or tapestry curtains to make a statement in an otherwise plain room.
  • Add Drama To Your Home: In addition to color, pattern, and texture, the length of your curtains or drapes can add drama to your room design using drapes in a big way. For a casual, understated look, your curtains should reach just below the windowsill. However, if you want a more formal, dramatic look, floor-length curtains or drapes are definitely the way to go. You can make the look softer and more romantic by choosing extra-long curtains that pool on the floor.
  • Go for Decorative Drapes: Bring visual interest and character into your space with decorative drapes. When choosing the right drapes for your space, first consider your existing decor. For a bold look, pull in hints of your color palette with patterned or solid colored drapes. If you want subtle contrast, pick a hue similar to your wall color. Lighter fabrics filter in lots of light for a casual vibe, while heavier fabrics create a formal look.Nothing can be better than room design using drapes as it adds glamour and style to your living room. It takes you to the next level of style and you create a great impression upon the people who visit your house.

Drapes are one of the finest decorative items for your room which can work wonders in terms of looks and aesthetics. Opt of room design using drapes and see the real difference yourself.   

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