April 19, 2019

long window drapes

Long drapes for your home There it is again – another interior designer on a luxury home show is demonstrating something with the drapes that seems odd. The drapes come down and pool on the floor. If you’re used to drapes stopping at the floor you may wonder why this style is used. This style…

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Custom drapes orange county

Choosing window treatments for your workspace or for your living area may be an intimidating endeavor. They’re a sort of window treatment, and finish the total look of the place. You have the perfect home, the perfect office, the perfect vacation home; but something is missing—those little details that make the space around you ……

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Home Design Ideas – Custom Furnishing & Draperies

When one considers designing an area having a theme, there’s one element essential home-based design, which frequently forgets may be the draperies. Most use drapery like a late addition, something that should increase but doesn’t really matter. The issue is your window treatments is important and it ought to be an important decision when you’re…

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Ways To Use Pipe And Drape

Pipe and Drape systems Pipe and Drape systems are relatively unknown however they come in very helpful in several situations. They are able to prove very economical and that’s why it’s highly suggested you have one of these simple systems for the venue to be able to make the most of them. They aren’t very…

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Which Came First – Curtains Or Drapes?

Difference between Curtains & Drapes A curtain or drape is fabric that hangs over home windows and doorways to manage indoor temperatures, eliminate light, maintain privacy and therefore are decorative. In old time England a curtain maker would be a man that draped fabric over home windows. A draper was somebody that offered the curtain hardware.…

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Best drapery panels for tall window

Custom drapery panels for tall windows An accumulation of custom drapery panels provides a luxurious look with no luxurious cost. Custom drapery panels are not only seen practical, but they’re stylish too. If they’re thermal they’ll keep energy costs lower and they are available in many great styles and colors. In my experience, the term…

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