April 19, 2019


How to order custom drapes online

Owning a house or an apartment in the US requires that it’s furnished to taste. From the furniture down to the carpet and curtains that are used should all blend in to give your house that cozy and beautiful look! Furniture and carpets might be a no brainer at times but choosing the right curtain to match the painting sometimes is quite a tough nut to crack. Hence to know which curtains look best with your surroundings, you might require the services of a seasoned interior designer.

This is where galaxy design excels. When in doubt of the uniqueness of your choice of drapes, you can request to be connected to an experienced interior designer who would contact you to give expert advice on the best drapes and curtains to fit your house. Want to know how to accomplish this? Come with us.


  • Log onto our DESIGN GALLERY and browse our over 100 design ideas or alternatively, you could customize your own Elegant Drapery Design Packages. The site provides users with a simple easy to use user interface that allows them to decorate and style drapes with a wide range of designs, colors, and fabrics.
 Expert Advice

Making good drapery choices can be quite difficult, but with the help of seasoned professionals, your windows can have many benefits. Expert interior home decorators can be contacted via face-time or Skype from our site. These experts would guide you through your home to become familiar with your house style and décor before customizing some design ideas which would blend in perfectly with the already established decoration in real-time.

  • DRAPERY SAMPLES:  Once you have chosen the sample that best fits, you can log back onto the site and complete the purchase process by adding your custom curtain/drape, valance and curtain hardware to your online cart and making the purchase.
  • DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION: The purchase is delivered with a detailed manual for installation which in most cases is not necessary to hire a professional installer, as the installation process is quite easy. This is because all the curtain hardware has already been pre-drilled and comes with screws and anchors to make the whole installation process very easy. Moreover, if you are still finding it difficult installing the drapery and curtains, you have access to up to 60 minutes of live phone support during the installation process.


We have demystified the cliché of having custom drapes ordered online being difficult.

(to get and come with defects, as our curtains come in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get, design.) Remove

Visit our YouTube channel to view some of our customs made curtain designs and drapes and also instructional videos on how to order custom made drapes and how to install curtain hardware.

Give your home a treat by visiting our site because at galaxy design, we offer drapery packages for every window type

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