February 22, 2020

What Is The Latest Trend On Drapes And Curtains

We all must agree on the fact that windows can always be a deal-breaker. It can either make or break a space. Often the importance of window treatment is overlooked. Drapes and curtains can either be functional or purely decorative or it might strike a balance between these two completely depending on your preference. Drapes and curtains can be of a variety of types such as flowing drapes, roman shades, classic curtains or a laidback shutter. Playing with the ideas of draperies can surely inspire you to have a better view of your home.

Window Covering Demystified, Drapes vs Curtains-

Drapes and curtain differences can be of a lot of types. It is very important to understand the difference because choosing the wrong option can really lead to an undesired type of look. Draperies usually come with a lining and are generally sold in pairs. Unlike the curtains drapes generally get a thicker construction and are custom designed. They can extend from the top of the window to the floor and are mostly purchased extra-long to give a puddling effect. Drapes are considered more luxurious than curtains.
Just like the drapes, curtains are also sold in pairs. Unlike the drapes, they come in a variety of choices. You get a wide range of colors, fabrics, and patterns to choose from making curtains a much popular choice in recent days.

Drapes vs curtains: answers to note before picking out window treatment.

It is always necessary to ask yourself certain questions before giving your window a beautiful treatment.
The amount of light or view you want to allow through?
What do the nearby walls, ceiling, or window trims allow in the terms of mounting?
Do you want to insulate or dampen the room?
Do you need to create composure with other aspects of the room?
It is a must need to keep these points in mind while choosing a beautiful set of drapes and curtains for your house.

The Latest Drapes and Curtains Ideas.

In 2020, the latest curtain design preferred mostly consists of natural materials, like linen cotton, silk, and some natural prints. Bamboo curtains are also added to the current trend, in addition to the latest flax. Plain curtains that can fit perfectly in most of the designs gives the room a finished look. In the coming years, saturated tones are going to be the latest curtain trends. Colors like beige, green, blue and brown add a natural tone, and can easily refresh the interior look of any room. You can get to choose from a large variety if you look for drapes and curtains online.

The Classic Comeback-

If you get snow-white or beige-colored set of drapes and curtains, you can make your room lighter and way more spacious, Ideally, these can be made as bulky as possible. Getting Japanese or Roman curtains for your living room or bedroom can really add elegance alongside the comfort. You can always create a minimalist interior and make it look like a gift from heaven. In addition to all these, these curtain types can provide an excellent light transmission along with the ability to soften bright sunshine.

Take off-

If you are feeling to create an atmosphere of luxury and status with your drapes window treatment, a classic elegant and incomparable way is by choosing package blinds. These blinds give a great look in a big spacious room but can make a small room look bulky. Another type of curtains that is into the fashion trend this year is that of the oriental style. Getting gold-colored curtains with calligraphic ornaments can make your room look more elegant and royal. This can be the latest curtain styles for your bedroom. The most luxurious looking styles can be the one with beads and rhinestones.


Cotton, silk, and satin, are considered as a natural gift from heaven for modern interiors. Buying these kinds of drapes and curtains that keep its color and shine for a pretty long time can never go out of style. Polyester is used in most cotton fabrics to help it prevent the loss of shine. If you want to make your room look more spectacular go for the products made with satin or silk as this can also bring brightness without even depriving you of your comfort or style factor. For a luxurious interior, designers mostly prefer to choose chenille or velvet.

Decoration and Protection-

Curtains being an integral part of home decoration have been protecting us from sunlight and giving us privacy for long. In the drapes curtain trends this year, designers offer an extensive selection of fabrics for stitching age old fashioned curtains. It is advisable to select curtains not only to make a style statement but also according to your need. Drapes and curtain ideas must always be harmoniously combined with one another in shadow and texture.


Synthetic drapes and curtains are more common than the natural ones. Viscose is often used in many cases forming folds and shapes. These types of curtains look great in the interior adding in the spirit of the classics, and providing a perfect combination for the other variety of curtains.
A diverse variation of prints, fabrics, and colors can add a nice touch to the decoration of your room altogether making a different style statement custom tailored for you.

You can always consider combining all these trending styles in your own creative way. Getting drapes and curtains of the charcoal color and combining it with a metallic bronze drapery can be a very good example of combining the 2020 trends. Alternatively, you can also use indigo blue colored drapes and curtains and match it with a cushion crafted with rose gold patterns and it can be of great taste. Fashionable and beautiful set of drapes and curtains can attract originality and give a sense of integrity and harmony to your living space. The purchase you are going to make must always match with the color scheme and style of your existing interior, as well as it should be functionally effective. Modern trends of drapes and curtains always suggest laconic solutions, mostly with the functionality.

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