April 2, 2020

How To Make Pinch Pleat Drapes

How to make pinch pleat drapes is a very common question that comes up to our mind, each and every time we plan to buy pinch curtains or pleated sheer curtains for our window treatment. Drapes or curtains, in general, always make a style statement by giving a final touch up to the room’s overall…

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What Are Drapes

Whenever it comes to buying curtains or drapery, what are drapes is the first and foremost question that comes to our mind. Well, your window décor plays a very important role in the overall appearance of your space. Custom drapes and curtains are mostly used for various factors but choosing the right set of thermal…

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How To Measure Drapes

How to measure drapes is a common question that comes to our mind while we are preparing to get the right set of curtains for our house. A proper set of curtains does add charm to a room and is by far a lot more than just window dressing. Measuring curtains in the right way…

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How To Make Drapes

We all must agree on the fact that windows can always be a deal-breaker. It can either make or break a space. Often the importance of window treatment is overlooked. Drapes and curtains can either be functional or purely decorative or it might strike a balance between these two completely depending on your preference. Drapes…

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