February 20, 2020

Which Drapes Are Most Popular

Window treatment is certainly an integral part of interior design or decoration of a house or commercial buildings. Curtains, drapes, shades, blinds, etc. are used for window treatment. People often use drape as the synonym of the curtain, which is technically wrong. Drapes are usually heavy enough to block sun-light to pass through which is not in case of the curtain. If you love to sleep during the day after having a tireless night shift or hangover, drapes could be your good friend to help you to have a sound sleep. It also enhances the outlook of your bedroom and other windows.

If you are planning to decorate your home, or to shift to a new building or designing a house for some special occasion then this article would certainly help you out to plan a beautiful drapery. Drapes are made up of materials like velvet, damask, silk and many more. Just as curtains, drapes are fabric panels and are merchandised in pairs. The drapes which are in huge demand or the most popular drapery are light-resistant. Below we shall try to find out the most popular drapery based on contemporary usage.

Panels with Rings:

These kinds of drapes are attached with a ringed panel which is also termed as a grommet. This is the most common way of fitting a drape with an iron rod or wooden one inserted with many rings. The drape is aligned with those rings. However, these days it is becoming one of the most popular trends to give a color match outlook to the iron rods, rings and drapes or curtain. This type of window treatment is very suitable for the ‘patio window’, which is very convenient to open and shut. And this connivance nature has increased its popularity to a greater extent.

Rod-Pocket drapery

Rod-pocket panels are also very common and one of the most popular drapery instruments of befitting curtains and drapes. Unlike the previous one here we do not find any rings, rather the fabric is squeezed onto the rod gives a very casual feel. Few of these sorts of panels do have ruffled rubber which is rarely found these days, as this is considered as very formal and old-style decorating a window. These kinds of panels are left with a very tight and closed position giving a very clumsy look.

Measurement of Window with Pleated drapery:

This is a very classic style of drapery and continually in the popular trends since long and seldom seems to go out of fashion in the days to come. This is mostly used in a professional and commercial set up as this looks very formal. It is becoming the most popular drapery style for the people to decorate their office windows. Very often we can find hand-woven curtains and draperies and sometimes even hand-painted. Here we find hanging hooks that are inserted into the tape. Here you need to use a cord and pulley system to open and shut the drape. Pleated drapery further can be divided into various types. Some of the most popular drapery is pinch pleated, goblet pleated, pencil pleated and tuxedo pleated, etc.

Below we shall try to understand all this kind with a brief note.
Pinch pleated one is common and most popular drapery in this type. Here we find a series of equidistant single, double and even triple pleats that are pinched in the center. This looks very systematic in arrangements.

The second most popular drapery type in this group is the Goblet pleat one. This is a triple-pinched sort of drapery.
In this group, Pencil pleats can be categorized as the third most popular drapery. Here the drapery is little thin but still light-resistant. And this makes the drapery very ambient.
Similarly, Cartridge pleats can be ranked as the fourth most popular drapery in this class. Here we find little more space between pleats as opposed to regular pinch pleats and are mostly rounded at the top. Having much more space might not look so beautiful and royal however it is a crucial way of decorating drapers.

In the end, the Tuxedo pleat is one of the most popular draperies in this category. Here usually we fix a decorative rod to give a contemporary outlook. Here we find usage of creative display in instruments used.

Tab-Top drapery and measurement of window:

This type is also the most popular drapery and usually found in window treatment. Here the curtain or drapery is sewn into or onto the panel’s top seam. The drapery looks very flatty and enhances the outlook of the window. The flatty style of drape makes the outlook very casual and usage indigenous craft is most popularly found in this type of drapery.
These days’ people are attaching woven flowers mostly roses in order to give a 3D look to the curtain. Apart from flower check or strips are also generally fitted to the curtains, this curtain having casual look is widely used these days by most people to decorate their drawing rooms. But as the opening and closing of this kind of drapery require little effort, this is mostly used for the window that is not opened frequently.

Apart from all these things enough attention is given to the color part according to the painted color of the wall and window. It is usually recommended by the interior designers to cover more space than a window and should be touching to the floor as well. Overall window treatment is not a matter of privacy rather it is all about giving an ambiance and royal outlook to your homes and commercial setups to the outsiders as well.

So giving a beautiful and most popular drapery is really a challenging task for home lovers and enough care should be taken on factors like color, comfort, a unique display of art or a dramatic aspect, geometric design and many more. However, to conclude we can say that home decoration and window treatment is really very creative and economic affairs and enough care should be taken to give an ambiance look to home and offices.

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