February 20, 2020

Which Drapes Are Most Popular

Window treatment is certainly an integral part of interior design or decoration of a house or commercial buildings. Curtains, drapes, shades, blinds, etc. are used for window treatment. People often use drape as the synonym of the curtain, which is technically wrong. Drapes are usually heavy enough to block sun-light to pass through which is…

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How To Measure Windows For Drapes

Be it your own house or a rented home, a neatly decorated interior speaks of the taste of the occupants. So, you must decorate your windows with curtains or drapes, which are lovely and fit perfectly within your windows. To buy a curtain for your windows you must first measure a window. First, fix where…

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How To Hang Drapes

A pair of curtains can add real charm to a room. Curtains are a whole lot more than just window dressing. A nice pair of curtains can make a dull looking room into a beautiful one in just a blink of an eye. But even the most stylish looking set of curtains won’t do any…

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How To Choose Best Drapery Colors

Draperies can be a whole lot more than just window dressing offering a lot of practicality such as warmth and energy-saving benefits. Draperies can be responsible to change the whole look and appearance of a room. Since ages psychologist has stated that colors of a room or its surroundings are responsible to add a new…

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How To Design A Room Using Drapes

Drapes are one of the fundamental aspects of home decoration. It makes your house look beautiful and gives an aesthetic touch to it. The room design using drapes are the best you can do to make your house look beautiful. When you’re decorating, the furniture and artwork are usually a room’s real statement pieces. However,…

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What Are Different Types Of Drapes

Drapes are one of the most important parts of your windows. It is just like full dresses for your windows which not only cover them but also make them look beautiful. There are different types of drapes available in the market, but choosing the right one for you as per your choice is very important.…

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