June 4, 2021

Window Treatment Ideas For Old Fashioned Rural Homes

The things that make your home beautiful and attractive from inside and outside are the window decorations made by you. They’re the true essentials that give each room texture, dimension, and personality, as well as tying together a lot of the other design and decor components. When you live in a rural area, your old-fashioned home needs extra treatment to increase its curb appeal. The traditional simple and artistic design like farmhouse window treatments could be the best option to choose. There are many different styles to pick from, just like anything else. Farmhouse window treatments are fantastic at making rooms feel warm and inviting. Let’s take a look at a few other ways you may personalize them.

What kind of window treatments is required for rural homes?

The traditional, no-frills design of old-fashioned rural houses is combined with a sprinkle of updated modern accents to create a modern design. Think shiplap walls, reclaimed wood floors, and vintage furniture discoveries – this style of décor is full of personality and gives off a relaxed and welcome atmosphere.

One of the best places to start when looking for farmhouse-style window treatment ideas is deciding the materials you want to utilize. The laid-back charm that modern farmhouse decor conjures can be achieved using richly textured wood and woven textiles. Natural hues like earth tones can be balanced with warm whites and rich blues to create a beautiful color pallet.

Sheers for the soft touch

Sheers add a nice, soft touch to a rural window, allowing light to stream into space elegantly. If you still want the privacy of classic curtains, pair them with decorative voile to keep the windows from looking bare when they’re open while also allowing you to experiment with patterns. Sheer materials can also be used to soften ‘harder’ areas of the house, such as restrooms. For impact and to bring interest to what is normally a neutral room, choose a design with splashes of color.

Shutters and curtains

‘Shutters and curtains, where practicable, benefit rural houses not only for practical reasons but also because they frame the window and show off the view. As attractive as shutters are on their own, windows can look naked without further decorating, so stacking them in this way achieves a clean solution without detracting from the window’s charm.

Valences for rustic decor

Valances were once quite popular, and having curtains or window treatments without one made the room appear empty and unfinished. They grew antiquated over time, but they are making a comeback in the context of rustic or farmhouse-style decor. The contrast between the wood window valance and the light and thin drapes with a delicate lace design is stunning.

Try something natural with woven wood shades

White walls are used in many modern farmhouses to maintain the space airy and cheerful, as well as to act as a canvas for other fascinating design elements like lighting and artwork. Woven Wood Shades provide texture to walls and windows, and the natural colors complement wood flooring and exposed beams. Woven woods create a soothing atmosphere in any space.

Printed grain sacks for a complete rural look

Printed grain sacks are a natural décor addition for a farmhouse-style home, but finding a way to use them can be challenging. This creative technique transforms sack panels into valances. Simply drape it over the curtain rod; the smooth surface draws attention to the print while keeping the focus on the fabric’s rough-weave texture.

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