California Elegant Drapes and Curtains

California Elegant Drapes and Curtains

California, a Western American state, extends for nearly 900 miles from the Mexican border along the Pacific. Its landscape involves cliff-lined beaches, redwood forest, mountains of Sierra Nevada, agriculture of the Central Valley and the Mojave Desert. Los Angeles City is the center of the entertainment industry in Hollywood. The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and cable cars are renowned to Hilly San Francisco.

Hollywood and Silicon Valley’s one-two famous places certainly provides worldwide notoriety to California. California is also known for its enormous size. … California is also a varied state represented by many ethnic groups from all over the globe.

California is leading the U.S. in agricultural manufacturing with millions of acres of farmland. There are also renowned cultural establishments and national parks in the state, including: Hollywood, Disneyland, Yosemite National Park, Alcatraz, Angel Island, and Golden Gate Bridge.

California was the name given in the popular romance novel Las Sergas de Esplandián (The Adventures of Esplandián) by Spanish author Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo to a mythical island inhabited only by Black Amazon warriors who used gold instruments and guns.

The official state animal is the California grizzly bear. There are two of the top ten most populated towns in California: Los Angeles and San Diego. Fresno claims to be the world’s Raisin capital. The mainland United States ‘ greatest and smallest points are within 100 miles from each other.

Adding to its versatility, we are proud to announce we are providing our services all over California State now. Hurry up, call us to find out more about Elegant draperies & window treatments we provide.

Who are we?

If you are looking for elegant curtains for your home, apartment or office that will make it really cozy and which not only reflects the originality of your style but also to enhance it?

Welcome to the Galaxy Design Curtains in California. We know absolutely everything about contemporary to classic in fact every types of curtains; therefore, we confidently declare: with us you will surely find a unique model that will allow you to transform your personal space beyond recognition. Down with the standard options that are sold in any market! We stand for originality in everything, because we independently sew for you such curtains that you will never see in other people.

We are the pioneer of curtain & window treatments all around USA, we have experience for more than 40 years in this sector. We surely have enough information about what you want & need. We take pride in providing you with elegant & luxurious draperies and window treatments.

Our services

The team of Galaxy design elegant draperies includes:

  • Professional designers who subtly feel the mood of the client and are able to put into practice tasks of any complexity;
  • Skilled seamstresses who clearly follow the points of the provided design project and create beautiful curtains;
  • Consultants who know what to tell you, taking into account material capabilities, views on the aesthetics of a residential or office space, age and other individual parameters for each.

Why you should choose us

Because we know about California style & curtain choices!!!

As living in California can imply living in a diverse setting. California has a broad variety of environments, architectural styles, and cultural factors from the many beach cities along the entire shoreline, to the dry desert, to historic cities influenced by the Spanish. We appreciate that contemporary house layout in California can include a range of eclectic touches that all translate into California’s popular theme: cool, casual, and cozy.

We provide window treatments in California style, with a contemporary, eclectic touch, may include some coherent aspects of architecture. With the help of bold touches and abstract art, like one-of – a-kind patterned rugs, add contemporary fashion. An abundance of natural products and greenery generate a bohemian atmosphere. A palette influenced by the setting of the home, be it the ocean or the desert, draws elements from the local culture and fashion. These rooms are stuffed against shiny white walls, feeling warm, light, and airy.

Our window treatments have smooth texture that helps in keeping the palette neutral helps produce an airy, calming opening. You can’t speak about California without honoring the beauty of the countryside for even more thoughts and a closer look at Californian house design. The contemporary unique style with colorful elegant Galaxy design draperies, big decorative pots, and unique informal seating for a hip and friendly room.

You can trust us because we know our job well and on top, we value your trust & money.

Here’s how you can go about it

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  • Select the ones you like and schedule a free consultation with our professional team.
  • So, what are you searching for, at Galaxy Design Michigan you’ll get the brilliant & elegant window curtains that will improve your way of life?
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