March 29, 2020

Home Theater Drapes

While you are in the process of resembling your home theater with a proper movie hall, home theater drapes do play a very important role. In order to bring a dramatic effect to your movie night, home theater drapes help a lot, by filtering the outside light and minimizing the echo and soundproofing the place for a beautiful movie watching experience. We at Galaxy Designs have been manufacturing custom drapes and home theater décor curtains along with our long range of other draperies and house curtains.

Our excellent system of measuring helps our clients fit the theatre curtains and drapes with the usage of either manual curtain rods or an electronic system. We even do home theater blackout curtains and curtain panels to bring in an authentic look. The usage of our top-notch velour fabric and microfiber suede adds glamour to your room along with a professional customized feel. Call us to talk to an expert or for a free home theater curtain consultation on 866-215-3173 and press extension #1.

It is always necessary to ask yourself certain questions before giving your home theatre a luxurious look.

  • The amount of light you want to allow through?
  • What do the nearby walls, ceiling, or window trims allow in the terms of mounting?
  • Do you want complete insulation or dampening the room?
  • Do you need to create composure with aspects of the other rooms?

It is a must need to keep these points in mind while choosing a beautiful set of home theatre drapes for your house.

Different Types Of Home Theater Drapes

  • Curtains For Home Theater Masking: Light and sound infiltration is of utmost importance in your home theater as it makes a very big impact on the performance and the right image framing. Masking home theater drapes are used at the side trying to create a black-box effect and helping in minimizing the light refection.
  • Home Theater Blackout Curtains: Blackout home theater drapes are constructed in a unique and innovative triple weave structure, and are made from a different type of polyester fabric. These fabrics are ideal in blocking almost around 99.99% of light and can well insulate the place against heat or cold thereby making a sound barrier against all the external sounds. Blackout home theater drapes are of high demand in the entire US and Canada.
  • Mohair Home Theater Drapes: These drapes offer an exclusive look to your room adding a lot of sustainability and endurance. These home theater drapes can even add a luxurious character when adorning these curtains with custom made logos, patterns or designs. They can serve to be extremely durable and provide great clarity of color along with the best acoustic feature.
  • The Classic Comeback home theatre drapes: If you get a reddish-brown set of home theatre drapes, you can make your home theatre room lighter and way more spacious. Getting Japanese or Roman curtains for your home theatre room can really add elegance alongside the comfort. You can always create a minimalist interior and make it look like a gift from heaven. In addition to all these, these types of home theatre drapes can provide an excellent light barrier along with the ability to soften outside sound.
  • Decoration and Protection home theatre curtains– Curtains being an integral part of home theatre decoration have been protecting us from sunlight and giving us privacy for long. In the home theatre décor curtain trends this year, designers offer an extensive selection of fabrics for stitching age-old fashioned curtains. It is advisable to select curtains not only to make a style statement but also according to your need. Theatre drape ideas must always be harmoniously combined with one another in shadow and texture.
  • Synthetic Home Theatre Drapes: Synthetic home theatre drapes are more common than the natural ones. Viscose type of fabrics is often used in many cases forming different shapes and folds. These types of home theatre drapes look great in the interior adding in the spirit of the classics, and providing a perfect combination for the other variety of curtains. A diverse variety of colors, fabrics, and prints does add a premium touch to the decoration of your room creating a different style statement for you.
  • Take Off Type Home Theatre Drapes: If you are feeling to create an atmosphere of luxury and status with your home theatre drapes, a classic elegant and incomparable way is by choosing package blinds or curtain panels. These panels or blinds give a great look in a big spacious home theatre room but can make a small room look bulky. Another type of home theatre drapes that is into the fashion trend this year is that of the oriental style. Getting gold-colored curtains with calligraphic ornaments can make your home theatre room look more elegant and royal. This can be the latest custom drapes styles for your theatre hall. The most luxurious looking styles can be the one with beads and rhinestones.
  • Tormentors And Teasers Home Theatre Drapes: These home theater drapes are either fixed or movable units allowing a proscenium arch that can be reshaped, resized or reduced and it acts as a frame from where the theatre experience takes place. Teasers are basically a horizontal set of drapes that are hanged at the upper side of the arch and in the frontal area of the house curtain. On the other hand, tormentors are vertical curtains that can be used as vertical stage masks. Similar to that of teasers they are mounted on battens and are also located in the front part of the house curtain. This set of home theater drapes does play a big role in adding a glamourous touch to your home theater room.

A fashionable and beautiful set of home theatre curtains can attract originality and give a sense of integrity and harmony to your movie space. The purchase you are going to make must always match with the color scheme and style of your existing house interior, as well as it should be functionally effective like above. Modern trends of home theatre drapes do suggest laconic solutions, mostly with the functionality.

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