March 29, 2020

Motorized Window Treatment

We all must agree on the fact that window treatments can always be a deal-breaker. It can either make or break a space. Often the importance of window treatment is overlooked. Drapes and curtains can either be functional or purely decorative or it might strike a balance between these two completely depending on your preference. Curtains can be of a variety of types such as flowing drapes, roman shades, classic curtains or a laidback shutter. Playing with the ideas of draperies can surely inspire you to have a better view of your home. Modern motorized window treatments can be a fun technology and even add a smart touch to your beautiful apartment. These automatic window treatments do add some improvement in the quality of life for many.

Benefits Of Using An Automatic And Motorized Window Treatment

Below are the top good reasons why one should invest in buying a good quality window blind:

  • Security: Drapes and curtains and home security are completely dependent on one another. A window treatment adds security and privacy for your home, helping by preventing your neighbors to peep inside. Installing a motorized vertical blind does offer the house a better beneficial approach than just keeping your drapes and curtains closed. Setting a schedule for your automatic window treatments can make them work automatically throughout the day even if you are a thousand kilometers away from your house. Motorized window treatment when coupled up with a smart home lighting system can save your house from potential threats against thieves.
  • Energy Saving Options: The solar gain caused due to the passage of heat from the window panes during a hot and humid summer day can cause your AC into a tailspin. All new modern motorized blinds and shades have a sensor installed in them which helps them to close automatically whenever the sun is at its brightest. These help in saving a lot of energy and make the job of your ac less.
  • Protection For Your Furniture: The sun heat that puts your air conditioner into a turmoil can also cause enough damage to the furniture and other household goods, causing them to fade with time. Covering up your windows with the best-motorized blinds can help in preventing this to happen.
  • Convenience: If your house is having a lot of windows, especially the big ones, manually controlling or operating them can be tough and be full of hassle. Getting or installing a new and modern set of motorized blinds and putting them into a control system can lower and raise them with just a touch of a button. You can easily schedule your motorized window shades according to the time you define.
  • Elegance: Tugging the pair of your drapes manually to the exact position each time is an impossible task in itself. Well, this problem of yours can be solved with the help of motorizing them. An automatic window treatment can help in aligning your draperies in just one fluid movement.
  • Increase The Value Of Your Home:  A perfectly covered up windows when installed properly does increase the value of your property instantly. A house outfitted with a set of motorized shades DIY can instantly bring charm to your living area. While getting best-motorized blinds may not get an increase in the overall property value but it will surely make your house memorable for buyers, thus making an increase in the chances for a sale.

Various Types Of Automatic And Motorized Window Treatment

Hard Wired Motorized Blinds And Shades

This shade type is designed to provide customers with precision control and optimal operation. This automatic type of window treatment is mostly controlled with the help of wall switches or remote home automation system.
The hard-wired shades do have multiple benefits such as appearance, accessibility, safety, and convenience. These systems work best with roller shades, woven wood shades, roman shades, honeycomb shades or silhouette shadings.

Powerview Motorization Shades

This automatic window treatment symbolizes modern culture and innovation by allowing the shades to open or close with just a touch of a button or your smartphone.
Few benefits of Powerview motorization include improved energy efficiency, convenience, and programmability. These automatic shades are the best when paired with roller shades, horizontal blinds, screen shades, vertical blinds or woven wood shades.

Motorized Roller Shades

Roller shades can be very versatile when the motorization option comes. They do have different types of light control- from a low light option to a total blackout. They also come with different design and fabric choices such as playful patterned colors, metallic or wood finishes on the valance and different hem styles. As because they come with so many choices roller shades are most preferred in different home offices, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Their nature of blending with anything and their practicality makes it the most preferred option.

Automatic Solar Shades

They do their job best by blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun and thus help in gaining a better life span of the flooring and furniture. These blinds also help in reducing visual glare to a huge extent and helps in reflecting heat out through your window panes. In other words, these motorized window panes let in the sunshine and block the UV radiations.

Motorized faux wood blinds

These blinds work best in those rooms where light control and privacy is the key. They do have different paint schemes giving your room a decorative look. These faux wood automated blinds come in various shapes and sizes that suit every type of window. Their motorized nature makes sure that the slats do and open and close without any difficulty.

Automatic cellular shades

Cellular shades are ideal if you have energy savings in your mind. They help in reducing almost 40% of heat loss in winter through the windows and blocks around 80% of harmful sun rays and UV radiations during the summer. Cellular shades do have different designs and opacity options. Top-Down Bottom-Up lift system is one of the best among all the desirable options.

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