July 4, 2020

All You Need To Know About Motorized Drapes

Motorized window treatments are the new trend right now. With motorized drapes trending all over the world, many companies of the home automation system are trying to exhibit new technologies and products on the go. The capability of home automation is of great benefit to any type of space right now. Motorized drapes and curtains…

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Innovative Drape and Drapery Ideas

A gorgeous piece of window will often stand on its own, but when a piece of nicely customized curtains and draperies are added to it, it can give a lot better aesthetics to the space. Buying the exact drapery or curtain sets can be seriously difficult at times and can even be a time-consuming process.…

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The Importance Of Good Drapery Hardware

We all know how good a room can look, once all the window treatments are in their place. While in the process of selecting a drapery, many people ignore the hardware part. As important as the fabric can be, drapery hardware is also an important aspect to put your focus on rather than keeping it…

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The Importance Of Good Curtains In Your Home

There’s no denying of the fact that home windows are generally the point of fascination for anything domestic. That’s the very reason why they are mostly enhanced with blinds, shades, draperies and curtains. Curtains are generally the most required and important adornment to our workplaces and our houses. As of now draperies and curtains have…

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Best Home Window Treatment

We can never call a window fully dressed until and unless it dressed with some window treatments. From customized roman shades to an ultra-feminine taffeta curtain, home window treatments perfectly deliver the fashion for each space. Thanks to the availability of different color options, decorative trims, and wallpapers, ideas for customizing home window treatments are…

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