May 26, 2019

Window treatment choices for your house

WINDOW TREATMENT CHOICES FOR YOUR HOUSE There are many types of window treatments out there, we gathered all types of treatments and combine them in four main categories: Window treatments that are made of soft materials such as curtains, sheer curtains, drapes, swag and valances Window treatments that are made of hard material like blinds…

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How to measure and install a curtain

HOW TO MEASURE AND INSTALL A CURTAIN The first thought that crosses a mind when think about installing curtains is “How curtains work?” and that followed by “How curtains are measured, what curtains go on track, how curtains should be hung?”. To answer all these inquiries, we have gathered simple and easy to follow thumb…

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How to choose perfect curtains for your house

How to choose curtain Choosing a curtain can be a devastating and time-consuming task. The options and variations are practically endless. Don’t get lost on curtain styles and issues on curtain selection topic like which curtains for bay windows? and sometimes the problem is what curtains go with grey walls? and don’t fret on curtains…

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Curtains and draperies in home decor

Curtains and draperies in home décor One cannot deny the importance of curtains in a room décor. Curtains are one of the basic necessities as well as an accessory that completes the total look of any space. Sometimes we ask ourselves “Are curtains out of style?” the answer is no because curtains are versatile, they…

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