April 19, 2019

long window drapes

Long drapes for your home

There it is again – another interior designer on a luxury home show is demonstrating something with the drapes that seems odd.

The drapes come down and pool on the floor.

If you’re used to drapes stopping at the floor you may wonder why this style is used.

This style is called “puddling”. Puddling refers to drapes that spill or puddle onto the floor due to the extra fabric used in the manufacturing process.

Puddling ads a luxurious feel to custom drapes and is said to have been invented by royalty and the rich as a way to show off their wealth. When expensive fabrics were selected for draperies by wealthy homeowners, extra lengths of fabric were used simply to spill onto the floor and accentuate the fact that they had money to spend in such an extravagant way.

Today puddled drapes add an air of luxury and formality to your draperies.

For an example of beautifully puddled drapery panels, take a look at our latest YouTube video featuring our client Ayat Sharif.


Here’s her story…

“Hi, my name is Ayat Sharif. When we first bought our home, we wanted our home to look timeless, elegant, and classic. So we looked online and searched for companies that can help us do that. That’s when we found Galaxy Design.

Galaxy Design’s website contained a large selection of drapes that were elegant, and beautiful, and classic. With beautiful glistening jewels and crystals.

We’ve reached out to Galaxy Design and their customer service was great. Within a few days, they arranged for a video conference. In the video conference, we showed them our home and they were able to send us a wide selection of fabrics that would best suit our home’s color palette and aesthetic.

We finalized the designs, which were customized and tailored for our décor. Within less than a month, the designs were complete and ready. And they were shipped to our home. We asked Anat and Steve to help us with the installation. They were attentive to our needs. And within less than a week, they arranged for the installation of our main level draperies.

We were so pleased with their care and customer service that we decided to complete our home with Galaxy Design draperies.

I recommend Galaxy Designs to anyone who’s looking for elegant drapery designs.”

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