How to charge for custom curtains? Curtains are one of the most important pieces of decoration that can single-handedly change the look of a room. Although you will find a wide variety of readymade curtains, people mostly go for custom curtains to do justice to your room. The reason is that there is no standard dimension for windows, and people tend to install windows that fulfill their needs and requirements. The room can be small or big, and the dimension of windows, therefore, varies a lot.
This is where custom curtain manufacturers come into the game. Custom curtains are always in demand, and people have made quite a good living while making and selling them. If you are planning to start your own curtain business and are not sure how to charge for custom curtains, then this article is just for you.

How to Charge for Custom Curtains?

How to charge for custom curtains? Well, the answer is straight forward; you need to keep everything into consideration that will cost you in the making of a custom curtain and then set a price that will cover all those expenses and give you a profit as well. The most prominent expense while making a custom curtain is the type of fabric being used. The better the fabric, the more the cost.
In order to set a final selling price, you need to assess the amount of work involved and then add in your minimum wage for your labor and time. If we talk about the US, the minimum wage is almost $11 in most of the states, but we need to take in to account how much tailors and seamstress charge on an average, which is somewhere around $15 per hour.
It would be best if you also decided whether you are going to charge per hour or per panel. No matter what you decide, the type of fabric is still going to be a key factor here. If you are using a tough fabric, you should charge more for it, regardless of whether you are charging per hour or per panel. If your labor is working on hourly wages, then you should charge about $10-15/ hour. However, if you are going to charge per panel, your base price should be around $20 per panel.

How to Charge for Custom Curtains (Handmade)?

By now, you have some understanding of how to charge for custom curtains. Now let’s see what you need to consider while pricing handmade curtains. Handmade custom curtains cost more than the factory-made curtains. The reason is that handmade curtains are made by hand by an expert tailor and a lot of time, energy, hours of work, and, most importantly, the heart is put into the making. Plus, a lot of accessories are used in the making of homemade curtains as well. All these factors play their role while you come up with a final selling price.
If we talk about the labor cost for handmade curtains, that ranges from roughly between $15/ hour to $20/ panel and up. The cost of labor for manufacturing handmade curtains will also depend on the type of fabric to be used. The prices of fabrics also vary significantly and cost you between $7 to $1,500 per panel. Some other factors that play their role in the final selling price are: who is going to sew? Is she an experienced seamstress (obviously will charge more) or is a newcomer? And how much extra effort she will have to put in to complete the project.
By now, you almost know how to charge for custom curtains that are handmade. But wait, we haven’t talked about the accessories that you or the customer would want to include in the project. Following is a list of possible accessories that will help you get an idea and come up with a final price.

  • Curtain rod- $4 to $190.
  • Curtain rings, etc., – $3 to $20 for common rings, ten in a set. Custom rings, up to $500 for 10.
  • Valances – For common fabrics between $4 and $40; for more fancy ones up to $450.
  • Cornice- between $100 and $500.
  • Holdbacks or tie backs- between $5 and $60 per pair.
  • Finials- depending on their construction material, etc., between $6 and $70/pair.

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Wrap Up
In this article, we told you how to charge for custom curtains. We discussed everything that you need to consider while coming up with a final selling price. In the end, we will advise you to keep your rate competitive but do not set them too low that you end up earning nothing. If you are new in the business, completing a few projects will give you a better sense of estimation. You will be able to tell how much time a project would require and whether you need to charge a higher rate for that project due to additional handwork. With experience, you will learn better about how to charge for custom curtains.