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About City

Nashville is Tennessee government capital and lies along the Cumberland River banks. Because of its lengthy and thrilling musical history, Nashville picked up the nickname ‘ Music City,’ as you walk around the town you will find the excellent music venues here.

The town was established in 1779 and named after Francis Nash, a hero of the American Revolutionary War. Here the summers are warm and humid, and the winters are mildly cool with only a small snowfall usually. The town center is an interesting location to hang out.

Melodious sights such as the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum, and the Grand Ole Opry attract many visitors, but Nashville is also proud of its past. You should spend a day sightseeing: The Parthenon, a replica of the famous Greek structure representing the role of Nashville as the South Athens, is a good photo op. The Adventure Science Center is a wonderful location to spend an evening for those traveling with children. And don’t hesitate to listen to live music on the honky-tonks on Broadway in a while to pencil.

Nashville, Tennessee’s capital, resides nearly in the middle of the Cumberland River country. … Founded in 1779, Nashville may be best regarded as the country music hub, as demonstrated by sights such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and the renowned Music Row district of the city.

Nashville is Tennessee’s U.S. state capital and home to Vanderbilt University. The Grand Ole Opry House, home of the renowned “Grand Ole Opry” stage and radio series, are among the legendary country music venues. Downtown, like the District, is the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and historic Ryman Auditorium, featuring honky-tons with live music and the Johnny Cash Museum celebrating the life of the singer.

Broadway Street is Nashville’s funniest location. Broadway is packed with bars and restaurants and the adjacent streets.

In Nashville, there’s no shortage of explosive stuff to do, from traveling Music Row to drinking craft beer in a local pub. Home to one of the absolute best rooftop bars in America, one of the best ice cream shops in America and legendary country music venues, Nashville is a hub for culture, restaurants, bars, music and art. Oh –and the lively town also has a top-notch nightlife scene.

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Company Overview

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Curtains and drapery are a very important element of any interior. It is these small elements that create the atmosphere of the room, give it character and add coziness. It is very important to choose them properly to your taste and the whole arrangement. At Galaxy Design, our curtains, stationary panel & drapery. You will find a very wide selection of exquisite type of products. We offer Drapery, stationary panels, curtains and blinds with modern, classic and retro style even multi-colored and subdued. You will certainly find the one that will seem perfect for your home.

Our designers are delighted to find the ideal fabrics and designs for the clients as client satisfaction is our first priority. A stationary panels or drapery from us may add a splash of color to a space, or a complete drastic drapery may become a room’s centerpiece or focal point as we call it.

Stationary panels and drapery are such an ingenious layout option ideal for your budget and an amazing way to bring beautiful fabrics to your home.

Our drapery is wide-ranging. It will immediately alter any room. From isolation, privacy added and visual illusions created.  Stationary drapery or panels are still best option to provide optical illusion or cover any unfavorable view or to even enhance beautiful exterior.

Even if your windows are off-center on your wall, this trick operates well. You can use drapery to make the room look even, or even stretch the drapes for an additional comfortable display across the entire length of the wall.

Stationary drapery & panels can be used in your decor as an accent color, or they can be used to shade a vivid color.

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