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About City

Jackson is a town in Madison County, Tennessee, county seat. Located 70 miles west of Memphis, West Tennessee is a national trading hub. At the 2010 census, its maximum population was 65,211 and the 2012 census estimate was 67,265.

Nicknamed the Hub City, Jackson, TN is West Tennessee’s comparative midpoint. Tennessee is renowned as the birthplace of Rockabilly Music, located between Memphis and Nashville, Jackson. Carl Perkins originated from Jackson, who collaborated with Elvis Presley and made himself known on the music scene.

Jackson is deeply rooted in the history of the South and iconic icons of music. Explore the location where Rockabilly formed nation and rock merged together. Take the beauty of the iconic battlefields of the Civil War and a flourishing downtown scene. A place where stories of a legendary railroad hero reside on and up and where baseball stars come to be born. We are inviting you to explore West Tennessee’s core.

Jackson is an increasing West Tennessee town, named after President Andrew, located between Memphis and Nashville and powerful in fields such as company, education, health care, retail and affordable housing.

There are a range of tourist spots in the region surrounding Jackson, Tennessee. History buffs, music enthusiasts and everyone in between are active in the Jackson region. The peace and tranquility of watching Tennessee wildlife will appeal to nature enthusiasts in your community.

Casey Jones Village John Luther “Casey” Jones was a railway engineer who lost his own lives on board his train to save the travelers. Visit the Home and Railroad Museum of Casey Jones and visit his house and a locomotive replica. Spend the evening at the Old Country Store in a train car or enjoy eating.

The train station Nashville, Chattanooga & Saint Louis Depot & Railroad Museum dates back to 1907. The renovated station houses a museum with memorabilia of the railroad and model railroad. The estate is home to an Amtrak dining car and two cabooses.

Cypress Grove Nature Park Cypress Grove Nature Park is a wildlife park that boasts more than 6,000 feet of boardwalks through the forests and across the pond. The park also has a raptor and viewing tower.

We Galaxy Design a provider of elegant draperies, panels are in your neighborhood, Let’ find out more of what we do.

drapery and panels by Galaxy design

Window decoration key to choose the correct curtain or panels? The style that decorates the space. Learn how to choose a window setup that feels like a whole space to create sure everything fits together beautifully. We are suggesting what is curtain panels and ow to choose them.

Founded nearly 40 years ago, Galaxy Design has set a record for curtain & window treatments, panels, valance & drapes across the United States.

Curtain panels

Curtain panels are an alternative for customers who value more unconventional solutions for window covers. Their most important advantages are effective appearance, easy assembly and low price. Offer details available below.

What interiors do curtain panels fit in?

Curtain panels will look great in a modern interior. They can be an independent window decoration, possibly combined with blinds, but they can also look good with a delicate veil curtain. This window decor is perfect for any room. Curtain panels are suitable for both the bedroom, kitchen and children’s room. They are not only a beautiful window decoration, but also fulfill a practical function by covering the window.

What panels can you find in our offer?

At Galaxy Design, we offer you know curtain panels made of the highest quality. The products are characterized by high dry and wet tensile strength. At the same time, the products are very elastic, so they do not crease and do not need to be ironed. Their additional advantages are resistance to sunlight – curtain panels do not discolor and do not fade.

Why choose us

The complementarity and dynamism of skilled specialists & artistic staff, most of whom can say the field name expert, has rendered Galaxy Design one of the best businesses in the U.S. and now in its field of application in the Jackson region.  It also offers neighboring regions with its amenities.

With plenty of customers, including individuals, organizations, interior designers, Galaxy Design elegant drapery & curtain, have put their trust in them, it is personal insurance with the highest amount of innovation, professionalism and window treatment quality. It is the guarantee of quantity and licensed facilities quality assurance.

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