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About City

Franklin is a town in Tennessee just north of Nashville. A main American Civil War place, it is close to two estates investigating Franklin’s Battle of 1864: Carter House and Carnton Plantation, including the Confederate Cemetery of McGavock. The Lotz House of 1858 includes a big range of furniture from the 19th century. Main Street downtown is packed with galleries, antique stores and Victorian buildings that have been reconstructed.

For many stuff, Franklin is renowned: southern beauty, an iconic Main Street, music, galore history. Franklin is renowned for its vibrant music scene, lively events, and historic primary road just 21 miles from Nashville. It is Tennessee’s seventh largest city with a population of almost 70,000. Franklin is home to a few renowned universities, several big corporations, and some prominent places for amusement.

Downtown Franklin is a 16-block neighborhood full of antique stores, fashion boutiques, art galleries, historic houses, performance sites, and award-winning hotels.

The Lotz House Museum presents Johann Albert Lotz, a classically educated woodworker from Germany who emigrated to Franklin in the mid-1800s, with creativity and skill. Known as a carpenter and piano manufacturer for his magnificent capacity, Lotz turned his house into a showroom for his most precious pieces.

In 2002, the Franklin Farmers Market was created by eight local farmers who found it their task to maintain the wealthy farmlands of Tennessee. From nearly 80 producers in and around Franklin, the industry now sells products and products.

Franklin on Foot is a local business that offers walking trips to the most significant historic locations of Franklin. Franklin on Foot was founded in 2003 and organizes various kinds of tours focused on particular concerns. Among the unique journeys arranged by the business are ghost tours, history tours, Civil War tours, crime tours, cemetery tours, and food tours.

Timberland Park is a 72-acre property parcel located on Highway 96, less than a mile from Double Arch Bridge. For birdwatchers, wildlife spotters, and hikers, the park is a famous location. There is a paved path winding through the estate and ending at a pavilion with a picturesque view.

The Carter House once belonged to Carter Fountain Branch, an entrepreneur with his spouse and twelve kids living in Franklin. Fountain dabbled in farming after finishing his house. What started as a tiny increasing company converted the Carter family into a significant company chance.

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