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About Memphis

Memphis is Shelby County’s capital, Tennessee’s most populous county. … Home to the largest African-American population in Tennessee, Memphis played a prominent role in the American civil rights movement and was the site of the 1968 assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

For the old Egyptian city, Memphis was appointed (meaning “Place of Good Abode”). Memphis rose quickly with the development of expanding cotton in the South and due to its rail and river transport equipment. It was built in 1826.

Memphis is a southeast Tennessee town on the Mississippi River, renowned for the powerful blues, soul and rock’ n’ roll styles that emerged there. The iconic Sun Studio documented songs by Elvis Presley, B.B. King and Johnny Cash, and the Graceland mansion by Presley is a famous destination. Other sights of music include the Rock’ n’ Soul Museum, American Soul Music’s Blues Hall of Fame and Stax Museum.

Memphis has become associated with Elvis Presley-and every year Graceland attracts around 600,000 tourists. But the Bluff City has so much more to offer visitors, from a delicious dining scene to charming local crafts and plenty of museums dedicated to the musical roots of the city (before and after Elvis), history and the arts to fill your time. There is plenty of green space with parks, particularly along the Mighty Mississippi. And a great zoo and kids ‘ museum for kids-both in Midtown-promises hours of entertainment.

Memphis is a music, history and world-class sights metropolitan playground. It is home to a riches of artists and performers of all kinds. A respected past and present in music. True meals of the soul. Come and feel the enthusiasm for music, barbecue and a distinctive culture that pulsates all over the town.

Feel, hear, and see Memphis ‘ world through the eyes of musical geniuses that helped shape American popular music— we’re talking about Elvis, B.B. King, and Johnny Cash (just to name a few). Or choose the Slow-cooked, soft and “moist” or “dry” cooked. Taste why Memphis has gained an American BBQ investment reputation.

Relive the past in a manner that you never have by sitting where the heroes were sitting and knowing precisely what happened from where everything happened.

Create unforgettable memories once in a lifetime around any of the biggest events in Memphis and you should be happy to know Galaxy Design a pioneer in window treatments & elegant draperies are also in your vicinity now.

Why Galaxy Design?

Regardless of whether you use them to protect yourself from a nosy neighbor, cover yourself from the sun, want to improve the amount of heat, or maybe have a unique arrangement with desire, our curtains and drapes will be made with the same care and attention to every detail. With their design and matching size, Galaxy Design offer the possibility of comfortable operation of light and shade, thanks to which you can easily create ideal conditions for work or rest. The offer includes completely blackout curtains, which are great for bedrooms and children’s rooms, customized curtains, which are great for every window type & style including protection against the sun or an inquisitive neighbor, suitable for the living room or dining room, and these blinds , which with their delicate and subtle structure allow to brighten the rooms and give them lightness. A properly selected type of material and its light transmission is a guarantee of satisfaction and creates the perfect atmosphere in your home or apartment.

Curtain Hardware

It’s important to find the right fabric for your window treatment, but don’t forget how you’re going to hang it. You need to comprehend the hardware choices to make sure your window treatments are as useful as they are lovely. Your curtain hardware may be a significant layout variable in pulling off that final declaration, whether concealed or exposed. Curtain hardware is the final touch that change the whole outlook of the room.

An important aspect of any window treatment is curtain hardware. Since most curtain rods aren’t entirely concealed by the curtain, choosing a design that complements the remainder of your decoration is essential. Consider closely which hardware performs best with your windows and window room to discover that ideal curtain rod. Galaxy Design provide curtain hardware, that is best suitable according to your style and house design.

Your curtains need lovely equipment capable of meeting your precise requirements. You’ll be amazed by the sheer amount of curtain hardware. From classic to crystal you will be surprised by the pure diversity of curtain hardware at Galaxy Design. We create it simple to choose the right equipment. Galaxy Design has been curating the largest performance hardware and is selling Curtain hardware as a collection including pole, brackets and finishes. Whatever your design the right Finials bring your design from drag to fantastic (decorated item connected to the bottom of the window pole). In a vast range of designs, designs and rates, you will also discover collection of hardware.


These ornamental parts are connected to the ends of the curtain rods, giving the cap a completed appearance. In a variety of types, they are accessible. Some window pipes come with the finish, and some companies give a mixing and matching selection.


Holdbacks are excellent for “holding back” drapery boards on the window sides and can also be used as tie carriers at the bottom of the cabinet. Holdbacks contribute to your window a wonderful ornamental component. The ornamental curtain rod with corresponding holdbacks can be seen on the left side.

Our Hardware collections are Gem, Classic and crystal with embellishments to suit your house and curtain style.

About company

Galaxy Design, from last 40 years provide a wide selection of decorative window treatments, blinds, customized drapery and window elements. We are exactly what you can imagine thinking about personalized window treatment products. This is where everything you need is needed to create a product that meets your requirements. All you have to do is show us what product you need. The rest is already in our hands. So, hurry up and call us for free consultation.

Our advantage is people – specialists in their profession, supporting their skills with rich experience. Not only do they analyze customer reviews or a changing market, but they are also users of the products they design. Thanks to this, we are aware of the expectations of our clients and their problems that we are trying to solve. Thus, providing our customers 100 % satisfaction.

The company’s idea is to give the customer the opportunity to create a window treatment that will fully meet all requirements. These projects are our inspiration. We want to combine the design and functionality of window treatments here, understood by both parties: the manufacturer and the customer. We believe that the combination of these two visions will create the perfect window treatment, i.e. your customized window treatments.

Check out below the before and after design and how the perspective of a room is full and ideal with our drapes & curtains.