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Worthington is a town in Franklin County, Ohio, U.S.A., and a bigger Columbus’ southern neighborhood. At the 2010 census, the population was 13,575. In our lovely, historic city, steeped in the tradition of New England, you will discover a dynamic, innovative society full of the recent ideas and events of today. Beautiful tree-lined roads, American flags on every lamp post downtown and picturesque beauty welcome every tourist to Worthington and keep attracting households and companies calling home to Worthington. Worthington is situated at Ohio’s crossroads in the middle of the country–the U.S. highway. State Route 23 and State Route 161, providing simple access to all areas of Ohio and the country.

Worthington welcomes unique activities, conferences and conferences. Residents are pleasant and helpful to tourists, and employees at the Convention & Visitors Bureau can assist create your event enjoyable. Located conveniently on Interstate 90, Worthington is minutes away from the borders of South Dakota and Iowa.

Farmer market is the biggest agricultural market in Central Ohio, with over 70 Columbus and neighboring sellers. The industry involves seasonal fruits and vegetables cultivated locally, cheeses manufactured locally, jams, jellies, honey and maple syrup, high-quality meat reductions from closely raised farm livestock, pastured chickens’ eggs, flowers, herbs, plants, homemade soaps and foodstuffs.

Nobles County Art Center displays that rotate fine arts. Permanent collection of over 300 works by painters linked to Worthington. This is SW MN’s biggest national compilation. Free concerts all year round as well as folk music performances and receptions for performers.

Memorial Auditorium-Performing Arts Center Built in 1931 in the classic Art Deco style, the freshly refurbished structure is one of the biggest auditorium installations in a large area of central Minnesota and northern Iowa. Memorial Auditorium is a 680-seat performance center that the City of Worthington owns and operates. The big phase of the proscenium features state-of – the-art sound and graphics.

The museum features many historical exhibits and archives that maintain the early days of European settlement in Nobles County. Located in Worthington’s Nobles County Library and Information Center.

Somper Classics Display of over 300 automotive, equipment, petroleum, petrol, etc. advertising pieces. See the lost art of posters and clocks of porcelain and neon.  Everyone is recovered and in order of work.  There are also peddle vehicles and 20-30 classic cars on display.

Galaxy Design elegant window treatments are also in neighborhood now, with a multitude of distinct drapes & curtains accessible, something is sure to satisfy every palate! 

About Galaxy Design

Only window treatments, custom drapery, stationary panels are among top treatments and our products are designed and manufactured as a consequence of an enthusiasm for craftsmanship that has been passed down between generations for over 40 year.

Tradition and innovation come together in the collection of custom drapery created and manufactured by the Galaxy Design company: from the simplest and most traditional to the most innovative and original top treatments, you can choose from a wide range of stationary panels, window treatments & curtains of all kinds and styles.

Visit our collections, our employees are at your expense to educate you on the most appropriate draperies and curtains, stationary panels depending on your living space’s style and furniture.

With Galaxy design custom drapery solutions dress your house with simplicity and style.

You can call us or schedule free consultation where company’s employees will lead you with enthusiasm and professionalism in personalizing your house, providing you a broad range of options for custom drapery, curtains, top treatments, blinds, stationary panels, various designs of interior and exterior furniture and mosquito nets.

Each item is closely chosen from the catalogs of the industry’s finest products and can be created unique and original as it is tailored to your particular requirements.

Would you like to revolutionize your house style with distinctive alternatives that can convey your character?

Choose Galaxy Design

From design to installation guide with step by step instructions. The identity of each room in the house is expressed through the curtains designed and constructed by Galaxy Design. The employees, backed by craftsmen and experts, will provide you with an excellent service that will take care of every point of completion, including the final instructions on video call at home or at the workplace. Come and choose the texture and color: we’re going to look after the remainder.

Discover the broad range of custom draper, top treatments, blinds & stationary panels and Request a consultation review.

The process

Here’s how it works:

Go to our website and check our sophisticated drapery sets on our page in these simple measures below. You’ll discover our wonderful packages there, take a look at them and choose what you like.

  • Choose the one you want and then plan a free briefing.
  • One of our professional advisors will call you to inquire about your vision and the style of your house. Suggest thoughts for draperies that will improve your style of house layout.
  • Your advisor will look at your windows and sort of furnishings during the call and display you some patterns, materials and equipment that match your style.
  • The ideal elegant drapery set for your house will be designed together.
  • Provide hardware colors and sizes for your textile decisions and offer you a quote and position your order.
  • Upon completion of your elegant drapery bundle. Your package arrives at home with simple setup guidelines for you to follow step by step.
  • You’re going to have the party you’ve been hoping for with your buddies and family before you realize it.

So, what are you looking for at Galaxy Design Worthington, OH? You can get the beautiful window covers by clicking here to see an amazing collection of Draperies and fabrics along with embellished hardware.

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We give multiple techniques of shipping and distribution throughout Ohio state.

We’re going to do all the heavy sticking so you don’t have to worry about lifting your finger; we’re going to choose your required window treatment. Just offer us a consultative call.

Fast & efficient delivery

We strive to maintain shipping times to a minimum, but internal variables beyond our command may sometimes affect these time frames.

Please provide any special delivery directions together with your data to minimize delays. Call us today at 866-215-3173 for more information.