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West Bloomfield Township, formally the West Bloomfield Charter Township, is a charter county located in Oakland County, U.S. state of Michigan, in the metropolitan area of Detroit.

Michigan’s West Bloomfield Township is one of Detroit’s suburban counties. The township is a wealthy lake-filled area. Attractions include museums dedicated to the Holocaust, Chaldean heritage, West Bloomfield’s own history, and a significant indoor sports arena.

It’s the home for The Holocaust Memorial Center is now situated in neighboring Farmington Hills, Michigan, formerly situated in West Bloomfield Township. It was the first museum devoted to the Holocaust alone in the United States, which opened more than 25 years earlier. The museum describes not only the excellent evil of the Holocaust through museums and lectures, but also the European Jewish heritage and the tales of those courageous enough to withstand Nazi tyranny.

The Chaldean Cultural Center in West Bloomfield Township is devoted to showing the tale of the Chaldean people— a contemporary ethnic group with origins in the Fertile Crescent— from ancient times to today. This one-of – a-kind cultural center “brings tourists from Nebuchadnezzar’s jail to an immigrant grocery store in Detroit and beyond,” according to the center’s website, using exhibits, hands-on operations and other lectures.

The Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society has its museum on the former location of the Orchard Lake Hotel in the 19th century and is available on the second Sunday of each month and by appointment at other moments. It features Native American artefacts, farming history relics, historical photographs, charts and other records from the area. The society also provides regular guided tours of the former Michigan Military Academy; Apple Island, reached on Orchard Lake by a 20-minute boat ride; and other regions of local historical concern.

If you are a water lover, Blades Family Sports Center provides a riches of sports-related operations including three inline skating / hockey rinks and two indoor roller soccer rinks. The center also includes places for people, households and organizations dedicated to wall climbing, bungee trampoline and other events. There’s also a full-service restaurant on-site, the Ice Rock Restaurant / Café and many other activities to indulge in.  If by chance you are in market for curtain & drapery solution for any window type, you are in right spot because :

We are at West Bloomfield

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Galaxy Design

Best Window Treatment Experts” are now in your area

Established over a century ago, since its beginning, Galaxy Design has held its position among the industry’s major firms by publishing numerous developments in the modern, contemporary and elegant curtains & drapes industry. Galaxy design also known as Best Window Treatment Experts in USA, one of the leading producers of lovely elegant drapes, has been developing and manufacturing the most remarkable performance window treatments and draperies for personal and residential areas for over a century. Our Galaxy design window treatments are wealthy, sophisticated, simple and a timeless classic. We provide high quality, range of models and superior service with every product we create. Each product undergoes thorough quality control during manufacturing from texture inspection throughout the production line to the ultimate object physical evaluation.

At galaxy Design, we guarantee that you finish the design of your room by leading you to choose the appropriate drapery panel option that’s why we a

Why curtains

The importance of curtains in a room decoration cannot be denied. Curtains are both one of the fundamental necessities and an item that finishes any space’s complete look. We question ourselves sometimes, “Are curtains really necessary?” The response is yes, because curtains are flexible, add character, light control and, most importantly, privacy and it’s a necessity.

Curtains are considered to be a functional accessory that carries out the overall theme of the room very well.

Curtain can be used as a focal point or can remain subdued in interior décor. Why curtains are important or will curtains reduce noise when hung?

We should know all these facts because throughout history of interior design there are many types and styles of curtains depends on how they are placed and hung. They are used to reduce noise and obscure any unpleasant views. Curtains also add color to a room and can be used to draw attention to the beautiful view outside.

Highlights and Benefits of our products

  • Excellent Quality products with customization option
  • Value back guarantee of money & time
  • Excellent light control, safety and decline in external sound level
  • Great protector throughout the year, putting aside power and money
  • Add height illusion in a space

We specialize in custom designs in curtain & window treatments that match elegant design styles. Check out our elegant drapery packages below to be in awe.

Our elegant drapery packages can be customized for every window type and size and provide you the perfect design for your home and impress your friends. You can customize the whole drapery packages according to your house or window requirements. We can cater any window type you have, Fear not we have elegant drapes just designed for you.

Check out below the before and after layout and how our drapes & curtain makes a room’s outlook complete and perfect

The process

Here is how it works:

In these easy steps below

• Go over to our website and visit our elegant drapery packages on our website. You will find there, our amazing packages, take a look at them and choose what you like.

• Select the one that you like, then schedule a free consultation.

• One of our friendly designers will call you and ask you about your vision and your home design style. Will suggest ideas for draperies foe you which will enhance your home design style.

• During the call, your designer will view your windows and furniture type and will show you some designs, fabrics and hardware that matches your style.

• Together you’ll design the perfect elegant drapery package for your home.

• Provide you fabric choices hardware colors, measurements and give you a quote and place your order.

• Once your elegant drapery package is completed. Your package will arrive at your home with a step by step easy installation instructions for you to follow.

• Before you know it you will be having the party that you been waiting for with your friends and family.

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