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Sterling Heights is a town in the U.S. state of Michigan’s Macomb County and one of the key neighborhoods of Detroit. The town had a complete population of 129,699 since the 2010 census. It is Metro Detroit’s second biggest suburb and Michigan’s fourth biggest town.

Let’s discover what can we do in the region of Sterling Heights

From Family Activities like in Trampoline Park–There were few things that made us happy when we were child than walking on a trampoline. This is the perfect way to tire your children out and get them back on their sleep timetable for the college year as a reward for relatives. Check out Airtime Trampoline & Game Park and one at Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park!

Laser tag, video games, karting, oh my! Do you need a nice dose of adrenaline? Are you needing velocity? Or do you enjoy to beat a video game with elevated results? You’ve coated the region of Sterling Heights! We suggest the Zap Zone Fun Center at Van Dyke in Sterling Heights and many more fun areas.

Ever heard of Craft Beer· A pub can be the place for you for those who are 21+ and appreciate the hops! Sherwood Brewing Company is fantastic because all of their in-house beer, wine and sodas are made and delicious! Visit them in Shelby Township. Brown Iron Brewhouse is another excellent local hotspot because they have over 70 craft beers on their tap, the cuisine is incredible and do enjoy their indoor patio with corn hole and bonfires!

If you are an outdoorsy person do visit The Outdoor Great!

The Metroparks of Huron-Clinton are excellent little escape from the daily hustle and bustle. Whether you’re enjoying traveling to the beach, sunset yoga, festivals or renting a paddle board, ship, canoe or kayak, you’ve coated the Metroparks. Visit Macomb County Metroparks at Stony Creek, Lake St. Clair or Wolcott Mill. Go and appreciate the summer’s last few days! Or if you are looking for an adventure outdoor paddling? Clinton River Canoe + Kayak has selected all ages and all stages of river journeys!

Dodge Park Farmer’s Market Now this is a fresh aspect I totally enjoy coming to town this weekend. The Dodge Park Farmer’s Market is a place to bring together local producers and craftsmen to sell their products and products to the society. From 3-8 p.m. on Thursdays you can go out and appreciate the market.

Well, apart from so many diverse activities to choose from we have special announcement to make that is, We, Galaxy design are in your area to provide you the best elegant curtains, draperies & window treatments at your doorstep.

Who are we (Galaxy Design)

As we started out 40 years earlier, First, of our kind in curtains sector that provide all customizable curtain and drapery solution all in one Sterling Heights, MI.

We always strive to be distinct in the sector of home textiles and furnishings, to be the greatest, always give the best performance, the efficiency and most importantly the best quality.

Curtains are very essential in terms of visuality and convenience as well as privacy. The most practically preferred window treatments are the curtains, drapes & Venetian blinds. Used in divisions and agencies in general. It can be driven and manual. It has a very different range of color.

Our curtains & draperies are also esthetically satisfactory. Galaxy Design curtains can be customize depending on the region you will be using; you need to pick the right type for your window type and style.

We at Galaxy design provide curtain services on our website, where you can choose from our website and give us a call to proceed the procedure.

• you don’t need to leave your house, shop without walking around the store, curtain service in your home is a fresh era curtain marketing service.

• It is cost-effective and quick as it eliminates the expenses of merchandising and extra expenses.

• Which can be achieved by a single phone call, directs you to the closest area and arrives at your address with skilled and helpful service that will include step by step installation guide, free of charge.

• Our interactive website lets you discover the curtain that fits your needs with thousands of colors and distinctive curtain designs for your home.

• Once you decide on your curtain, your order will be shipped to the given address.

• Promising the most cost-effective delivery of quality and branded goods with a cost-cutting scheme, we at Galaxy Design provides you with a service that will provide you with the finest unconditionally accessible service without losing your precious time.

• We perform our work on time and punctuality is our motto, utilizes the technique to the end and provides you the assurance of complete satisfaction, is a service that guides you to choose the most appropriate curtains for your home and office decoration.

The procedure

Here’s how it works: go to our blog and check our sophisticated drapery sets on our page in these simple measures below. You’ll discover our wonderful packages there, take a look at them and choose what you like.

• Choose the one you want and then plan a free briefing and consultation with our professional team.

• One of our team advisors will call you to inquire about your vision and the style of your house. Suggest thoughts for draperies that will improve your style of house layout.

• Your designer will look at your windows and sort of furnishings during the call and display you some patterns, materials and equipment that match your style.

• The ideal elegant drapery set for your house will be designed together.

• Provide hardware colors and sizes for your textile decisions and offer you a quote and position your order.

• Upon completion of your elegant drapery bundle. Your package arrives at home with simple setup guidelines for you to follow step by step.

• You’re going to have the party you’ve been hoping for with your buddies and family before you realize it.

So, what are you looking for, at Galaxy Design Sterling Heights, clicking here to see an amazing selection of curtains and fabrics along with embellished hardware, you can get the beautiful window treatments

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Shipment & Packaging

Products are delivered in packages designed to ensure safe transport in each target region and comply with the relevant laws. So, there’s no need to care about shipment.

Call us for advice and assist us with your curtains. In order to get the highest tailored outcomes, we strongly recommend you to ask for a consultant and get sample of curtain design and curtain hardware alternatives. So kindly use this free service to create sure you understand precisely what you’re going to get!


In our sector, we are pioneers and we can guarantee performance and perfect fit.

We are specialized in curtains that suit everyone. Check out the following sophisticated drapery packages to be amazed.

Our urbane & chic curtains can be tailored for every sort and size of window, providing you with the ideal house layout and impressing your colleagues. You can customize all drapery packages according to the demands of your room or window. We can cater for any type of window you’ve got, don’t worry we’ve got classy curtains just for you.

Check out below the before and after design and how the perspective of a room is full and ideal with our curtain & window treatments.