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Custom Draperies in Orlando Florida

Over a dozen theme parks are home to Orlando, a town in central Florida. Walt Disney World, consisting of attractions such as the Magic Kingdom and Epcot as well as water parks, is the chief among its claims to fame. Universal Orlando, another significant resort, provides Universal Studios and Adventure Islands, with Harry Potter’s Wizarding World straddling both. Every year, this main region of Florida draws around 60 million tourists to the hot climate, world-famous theme parks, shopping malls, golf courses and nightlife.

Over 100 lakes in Orlando. Lake Eola is a gigantic sinkhole in downtown Orlando and at its highest stage is 80 feet. Orlando was once the primary center of the citrus industry in Florida. In the early 1800s, a deep freeze led farms to relocate their citrus plants further south.

Some of the journalists began using their representation of the nickname of Orlando, the City Beautiful. The name goes back to at least 1908 when it was purchased by local authorities from the metropolitan scheduling motion “City Beautiful” that transformed areas like Cleveland, Detroit, and Denver. … It did, and it got the nickname.

If you’re away from the theme parks, you’ll have the opportunity to explore Downtown Orlando, also recognized as Orlando’s’ true’ side–the one local people understand and enjoy. Downtown Orlando is the primary town of the region, as well as the biggest metropolitan center in Central Florida. It houses famous skyscrapers, sports facilities, cinemas, art galleries, shopping malls and parks. It offers a fantastic restaurant and nightlife scene and also offers a range of festivals, parades and high-profile activities.

Another region well recognized to Orlando is International Drive, just a couple of miles northwest of downtown. I-Drive is home to the Orange County Convention Center, Pointe Orlando Entertainment Complex, Sea world and Amusement Park Fun Spot America, stretching over 10 miles. Apart from theme parks center Orlando now have Best custom draperies and stationary panels provider in neighborhood. Yes, you guessed right Galaxy design is servicing in your vicinity now.

Today, many people and businesses now prefer custom draperies, curtains with mechanical systems in their living spaces. Because of this popularity, stationary panels with motors are more affordable, more durable, more attractive and easier to use. Choosing the right curtain is very important to make the areas you live in more beautiful. This selection is also experienced in Orlando, Florida’s variable hot-cold air, wind, the area you live from factors such as sun protection will help. As a result, numerous curtain designs, colors and models have emerged in the curtain market. 

About Us

Galaxy Design custom draperies & stationary panel is a family-run business that was built up more than 40 years back in California, USA.

We represent considerable authority in both the household and business part and work intimately with numerous draftsmen and designers around USA.  With such a little weave family group our work has consistently had incredible character and tender loving care. Every one of our custom draperies & curtains are cautiously made in our very own workroom, to guarantee the final result is made just to your prerequisites, and surpasses your desires. Thus, this unique feature makes us special among our competitors.

We give a full administration from free counsel, exhortation, estimating, making, providing and fitting of  Windows Treatment stationary panels, blinds, posts, rails and delicate decorations. Our work can be seen everywhere throughout the nation in many household & businesses.

How to choose:

However, you will be able to choose the most suitable curtain for your place by using the tips given below.

1- Consultation

Many people are inconsistent with the variety of products when buying curtains. Price, color and a large number of materials when choosing the appropriate curtain can cause you to fuss. To avoid this;

• You can ask for help from our professional advisors that provide different solutions. Call us at 866-215-3173 for free consultation.

• Support from experts will help you make the right color and material decision.

2- Selection by Function

• When choosing your curtain, its functionality is as important as its appearance and beauty.

• In places with a warm climate, it is recommended that you select a screen that protects against heat and sunlight, while at the same time breathing.

• If you want to take full advantage of the sunlight, you should prefer mechanical systems.

• In addition, mechanical system curtains are much easier to clean than curtains. It saves time.

3- Measurements

• Before purchasing a curtain, you must ensure that you take all measurements meticulously.

• You may have to reduce the curtain you have purchased or you may have to buy a new one.

• The area where the custom motorized curtains will be installed should be determined correctly and the window arm or the moving wings of the window should be considered. When the curtain is moved up and down, it should not hit the window handle or any other obstacle.

• The direction and control options of the mechanism must be carefully decided in advance.

4- Color

• Each region has a different climate. Therefore, you should make your choice considering the general temperature of your location. For example, if you live in a warm city, you may prefer the bright colors known to deflect heat.

• You can set the color of your new curtain according to the position you will wear at home. Dark colors are preferred in the kitchens, while lighter curtains are preferred in the living rooms or rooms.

• If you want to be in harmony with your whole house; You should decide the color of the curtain by considering the colors of furniture, carpet and wall.

5- Material

• The material used in curtain & draperies often varies. For this reason, you must choose the types of functional materials suitable for your living space.

• Wood, plastic, polyester, fabric, aluminum, such as taking into consideration the options you should make your choice.

• You should consider the ease of cleaning the material you have chosen.

6- Interior Decoration

• You can choose models that match the tables in the window where you will hang the curtain.

• For minimal living spaces, simpler models are preferred, while for authentic living spaces, you may prefer skirt model cut and beaded products.

• You can use the crown for the mechanism and moreover, you can add different air to your living spaces by choosing motorized products