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About Jacksonville

Jacksonville is America’s biggest town with more than 840 square miles. Like the county, Duval Street was named after William Pope Duval, Florida’s first Territorial Governor. Isiah Hart, who established Jacksonville, appointed his sisters, Julia and Laura, two of the first gates of the city.

Nicknamed First Coast by some and Jax by others, Jacksonville is Florida’s biggest city — the mainland United States ‘ biggest town by region. This sunny, historic society in northeastern Florida, with its entrepreneurial spirit, has left a significant impact on various sectors, from fast food to film company. It is also a gigantic owl’s house, a misleadingly named tree, and the leading dinosaur poop collector in the world.

The Southbank Riverwalk Friendship Fountain is one of the most identifiable monuments in the city. The huge self-contained fountain can shoot in the atmosphere every minute between 3500 and 6500 gallons of water 100 feet, while 265 multicolored lights transform the mist into a rainbow-hued scene. Completed in 1965, one of the biggest on earth is the beautiful water feature.

The correct nickname for the City of Jacksonville is “Bold New City of the South,” one that was component of the initiative to merge nearly all of Duval County into Jacksonville City to solve the tax base, prevent blight and prevent white flight.

The Jacksonville Zoo is 7 miles from Jacksonville city center. It has to see all sorts of livestock. Not only will you be allowed to see the various pets, they also have a railway on which you can travel, and much, much more.

The Art and Gardens Museum of Cummers. Since 1958 there has been around the Cummers Museum of Art and Gardens. They have to look at more than 5,00 bits of art.  Don’t forget about sports! Jacksonville is home to the Jaguars from Jacksonville. They’re Jacksonville’s NFL squad. Jacksonville is well-known for its beaches. Jacksonville has lovely miles of beaches. Right in Jacksonville you can appreciate the lovely view and aroma of the beach and with all these spectacular places there is an amazing addition of Luxury drapes provider “Galaxy Design” is in the neighborhood now. Take a look below and get inspired for your new curtains & drapery hardware.

Why Galaxy Design

As Galaxy Design, our company is the most appropriate point for those who want to buy custom Luxury draperies, curtains & Drapery hardware in Jacksonville, Florida. Our company comes up with the most suitable curtain models according to your needs. Therefore, you can easily find the type of curtain and color you want. If you are looking for a quality, modern and suitable curtain for your design, you can easily find the model you are looking for by visiting our company.

As we started out 40 years earlier, First, of our kind in curtains sector that provide all customizable Luxury draperies, curtain and drapery hardware all in one.

We always strive to be distinct in the sector of curtain, draperies and hardware, to be the greatest, always give the best performance, the efficiency and most importantly the best quality.

What we do

Curtains are very essential in terms of visuality and convenience as well as privacy. The most practically preferred window treatments are the curtains, luxury draperies, drapery hardware & Venetian blinds in Jacksonville, Florida. Used in houses and offices in general. It can be driven and manual. It has a very different range of color.

Our curtains & draperies are also esthetically satisfactory. Galaxy Design curtains can be customize depending on the region you will be using; you need to pick the right type for your window type and style.

Our company is one of the rare companies that have managed to gather the most affordable and high-quality luxury draperies & curtains of the market under one roof. You can choose from the curtain models you want according to your budget. Thanks to our curtain decorators, you can choose between curtain models suitable for your budget by considering the decoration of your home. Our company will provide the installation step by step guide for your curtains that you can install at any time and day with free consultation service.

We also provide embellished drapery hardware in Jacksonville, Florida, we have three main collections named Gem, Crystal & Classic collection. Take a look at them on our website & get in awe. We give you the guarantee that you can supply the product with the most suitable price in the model and quality of your choice.