Fort Myers, FL Window Treatments


What makes Fort Myers famous?

You and your friends can experience natural meetings on a one-on – one basis, play on top Fort Myers beaches and introduce yourself to infinite family-friendly sights, hotels and resorts in Fort Myers and adjacent regions along the sunny Gulf Coast of southwest Florida.

And don’t miss the winter estate of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Ford purchased property in downtown Fort Myers back in 1916, next door to his mentor, Edison. Both farms now function as monuments that celebrate their creators and remind us all of what they have overcome and what they have achieved.

Fort Myers, renowned for its beauty and historic properties, acts as a portal to a range of islands including the region of Sanibel, renowned for its renowned beach shelling. … It is situated near the eldest state university in Florida, Florida Gulf Coast University, situated in Fort Myers, in Estero.

The beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel are not only Florida’s finest seashell lakes, but also the finest in all of North America. Fort Myers requires shelling from the ocean so seriously that they began National Seashell Day! Just walk down the beach and you’re going to trip over beautiful seashells.

Discover some of Cayo Costa’s finest shells where there were fewer shell tourists. On just about all the beaches, though, there are beautiful shells. The best time to discover shells is during low tide that occurs daily and the winter winds can also contribute to better shelling.

Jump on a ship and sail to Cayo Costa State Park where nine miles of lovely beaches and acres of pine forest have been blessed. Only by ship is the route to get to Cayo Costa. Travel from Captiva Island with Captiva Cruises. It’s a beautiful ride out there and you can spend the day walking the beaches once on Cayo Costa, searching for seashells, snorkeling, and more.

At Fort Myers, one of best thing to do is to watch the sunset. It’s the ideal end of the day. You could discover on the beach in front of the Pink Shell Resort every night studying the sunset in the sand with your fingers. The soft pastel colors that arrive with a Fort Myers sunrise will also be appreciated by early risers!

Fort Myers is famous for its beaches, fishing, shopping, and the chance to know about two of the most famous inventors and company officials in the nation.

We are here in your vicinity

Galaxy Design window treatments, valance & drapes are exclusively currently being carried to customers in the USA exclusively in Fort Myers, Florida state, having initially settled its notoriety for brilliance in the California division. We have almost 40 years and more experience in the window treatment sector. Our extravagance curtains, window treatments, valance & drapes take their propelled worth and extraordinary touch to families around the globe and improve such huge numbers of houses over the globe.

We have some expertise in curtain hardware structures that match all the elegance window treatments, valances & drapes we offer. Check out our propelled window treatment hardware collections to be inspired.

On behalf of our customers choice we offer:

  • Best Fort Myers  Classics luxury curtains & window treatments, ties, hinges or with a lambrequin;

  • Elegant curtain packages with characteristic horizontal folds, a good solution for decorating the living room;

  • French with folds along the entire length, forming scallops;

  • Romanesque, very reminiscent of the Austrian, but collected only at the top edge with the help of mounting braid;

  • Italian, tied with cords into elegant assemblies;

  • London curtains, also called cascading;

  • Japanese, or screen, representing a rigid structure;

  • Roller blinds, that is, roll on a special shaft, and furniture covers capable of decorating the cabinet

  • Drapes, ideal for a comfortable bedroom;

  • curtain screens for your kitchen


Accessories & hardware for your windows

At Galaxy design we sell ready-made curtains and carries out individual orders, therefore always has a huge selection of accessories & hardware. They traditionally include:

hooks, which are often compared with a belt. With their help, you can originally fix part of the curtain or arrange access to an open window;

eyelets, that is, through rings of metal, suitable for creating vertical folds on the curtain.

We have three hardware collections named Gem, Crystal & Classic. Take a look at them on our website and find one which is perfect for your window treatments.

As you can see, it’s quite simple to buy ready-made customized curtains from us or to order the production of an original project. Do not put off for later such an occasion for joy, which we can offer you – professional employees of Galaxy Design are waiting for you!