Valances & Panels

Valances & Panels

Elegant Drapery Packages

A combination of valence and panels is not a rare one. The experimental people of today’s generation are brave enough to try various elements together and make their rooms look different. Covering the uppermost part of the window becomes evident sometimes. Hiding the window hardware that peeks from a corner may hinder the scene you desire. And that’s where valences and panels come in. The fixture hides the unnecessary hardware flaunts and makes the look operational at the same time.

The fabric-made valences, when amalgamated with panels, they become more functional. These fixtures can be of various shapes and sizes, but the most popular you’ll get to see looks like a concise drapery panel sitting at the top of the window. Our valences with a panel provide a soft appearance that looks casual or formal as per your choice of style. You can use double curtain rods for ease in installing the whole fixture.

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