Full Window Dressing Drapery Packages

Full Window Dressing With Sheers

Elegant Drapery Packages

Sheers are basically lightweight fabrics to cover windows. They soften the natural light coming from the outside and help you add an instant style to your interior décor. For best use, determine the window or door at first where you want to apply sheers. The people living in your home can still enjoy the sunlight with a slight degree of privacy when you apply the sheers on the sidelights or patio.

For your doubt about whether sheer curtains should touch the floor or not, you can depend on your wisdom. It totally depends on you, if you want sill-length sheers or floor-length sheers. People practically pair sheers with curtains as layers. Double curtain rods and double brackets are frequently used to layer a sheer curtain under an opaque or blackout curtain. So you get both sunlight and privacy as per your choice whenever required.

As soft protection from the scorching sunlight, sheer curtains add a decorative touch to the home décor. You can also lean towards a fashionable look that includes long floor-touching curtains. Galaxy Design can ably hand you fixtures that can literally help your guests get their eyes stuck to the window treatment.

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