February 18, 2020

How To Dress Windows

Windows are an important part of your home or office and making them look beautiful can leave a good impression upon you. So you must be thinking about how to dress windows and make them look stunning. It does not matter whether you have a straight or bay window you can always discover new ways to dress it up properly. Galaxy Design has got a wide range of curtains, drapes, draperies and other innovative ideas of window dressing that will make your home look mind-blowing. Go through the lines below to know about them in detail.

  • Roman Blinds: Are you still thinking about how to dress windows? Roman blinds can be one of the perfect solutions for your dress curtains for windows. Roll up varieties and Roman blinds are the stylish yet simple solution for your windows. You can hang them over each panel of glass and tie them at different heights as per the direction of the sun rays so that it gets maximum shade at the heating spots. It is better to use the light color as they will give an impression of more space and will help in heat reflection. You can also go for a blind fabric so that it coordinates accurately with the other textiles already present in the room. This style is a very good example of simplicity and will give a new look to your house. So the next time you are worried about how to dress windows do not forget the Roman blinds and definitely give it a try.
  • Café Curtain: If you are planning how to dress windows in your kitchen a half curtain or a dainty café curtain can be your best solution. A voile fabric in a pretty print to coordinate with your kitchen scheme like this feather print fabric is ideal. The advantage of this style is that it allows plenty of light to come in and at the same time provides privacy to your kitchen if it is at the front side of the house just beside the road where the passerby people might peep in. This is definitely the best dress curtains for windows and you can pick up some café rods that easily fit into the window recess for the best results.
  • Shutters: How to dress windows is a very common question that comes to the mind of every people when they go for window dressing. Shutters are being used increasingly and are an effortless and stylish option of window dressing which is becoming more and more accessible. There is a wide range of options to go for when you decide to dress your windows with shutters. You can choose from full window shutters, the half cafe design, and full solid shutters to completely block out light which is ideal for bedrooms. Waterproof vinyl shutters will be best for bathrooms or kitchen so that humidity and water do not damage them. However, crafted shutters will be your best choice if you are looking for a value for money option for your windows. So the next time, you think about how to dress windows go for shutters right away.
  • Sheer Curtains: Sheer curtains are one of the finest dress curtains for windows. It is an upgraded version of traditional lace curtains and is made out of chiffon or voile fabric that not only looks stunning but also allows light to come in and provides the best privacy. You need to use a narrow rod which fits perfectly to the frame so that it becomes virtually invisible and hem curtains just below the glass. Your days of worries of how to dress windows are over. Sheer curtains are the new solution to all your needs.
  • Tie Top Curtains: Do you know how to dress windows? If the answer is no you must give a try to tie top curtains in order to get the dress curtains for windows. If you are looking to dress large bay windows subtle print tab top curtains can be your ideal solution. There is no requirement of attaching hooks or curtain rings to it and you can simply do it yourself if you want. If you want to remove or change it the procedure is also very easy. You simply need to untie the tabs and get your new design ready. How to dress windows is not a problem at all anymore.

Thus to conclude we can say that dressing windows in the right way not only enhances the looks but also gives you a feel of luxury and comfort. It changes the total appearance of your room and takes it to the next level. It depicts your fine sense of aesthetics and reveals your true standard. So the next time you think about how to dress windows get in touch with Galaxy Design for the best experience.

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