February 20, 2020

What Are Different Types Of Drapes

Drapes are one of the most important parts of your windows. It is just like full dresses for your windows which not only cover them but also make them look beautiful. There are different types of drapes available in the market, but choosing the right one for you as per your choice is very important. In the early years, people used to match their drapes with the upholstery of their room.

However, only the rich people could afford to do that and install custom drapes and curtains at their house as textiles used to be very expensive at that time. With the passage of time, the prices of textiles became cheaper and different types of drapes that are beautiful yet affordable came for mass usage. Let us know about the unique and latest types of drapes to choose from in the lines below.

  • Single Panel Drapes: It is very common while choosing the types of drapes people generally go for pair of panels in order to hand the drapes quickly and easily and so that they can get completely finished look without any problems. However, at certain times going for single panel drapes can be the best idea. If your windows are wide and need more fabric to dress them properly single panel is the best thing to go for. You can get single panel drapes from any drapery showroom if you plan to purchase it. However, you would get the best collections at Galaxy Design and we would highly recommend going for it.
  • Panel Pair: This is perhaps the most widely used type of drapes and the easiest and fastest way to hang the drapes in your room. Your windows willgreat and the entire look of your house will get changed if you buy a good panel pair drapes from a drapery shop. You will get the option to hang two matching panels at your home on each of the windows of your room. You get the convenience of hanging drapes on both sides of your window at the same time and it takes a lot less time to dress your windows properly. So the next time you go to buy the right type of drapes for your home definitely give a try to panel pair drapes.
  • Window Scarf: A window scarf is a whimsical type of drapes that are used more for decoration and aesthetic appeal than for blocking out light or providing your family with privacy. These types of drapes are generally very light and airy and are quite similar to curtain sheers in nature. You can hang up and drape them over the rods of the curtains in a number of ways. Unlike traditional drapes that are attached to the curtain rod and then hang down to the ground, window scarves can be wrapped around the rod, hung down one side, or hung up similar to airy sheers on either side of the window. They are very versatile and come in a number of different colors and patterns, although they are most likely made from this same light fabric. Window scarfs are one of the most unique types of drapes used in modern homes these days.
  • Tie Top: This is another innovative type of drapes that is in fashion these days due to their wonderful look and unique design. Tie top drapes consist of a large panel of fabric with smaller strips of fabric at the top. Sewn onto the drape itself in pairs, these strips of fabric are long enough that they can be tied around the rod to attach the drape. This means that you can easily adjust the length of your new drapes by tying the strips of fabric closer to the drape itself or closer to their ends. This type of drape is relatively easy to open and to close since there is ample space in the ties for the drapes to be pulled along the rod.
  • Pinch Pleats: If you are looking for something new in the type of drapes available in the market pinch pleats are the ideal one to go for. This method of hanging works well with most fabric types although it is a little bit more formal than simply using a rod pocket to hang your new drapes. There are multiple types of pinch pleats to choose from with each type resulting in a different finished look. When shopping for pinch-pleat curtains it is very important to remember that when you choose pleats that are fuller and larger in size, you will need more fabric in order to make your new drapes. This can greatly increase the overall cost of your new drapes. Use clips to hang your new curtains and maintain their pleats.

So by now, you have definitely made up your mind to give a new look to your house. Do not wait anymore and visit Galaxy Design for the greatest collection of wonderful drapes to choose from.

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