July 25, 2019

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How many types of Window Treatments are there?

There are many types of window treatments out there, we gathered all types of treatments and combine them in four main categories:

  • Window treatments that are made of soft materials such as curtains, sheer curtains, drapes, swag and valances
  • Window treatments that are made of hard material like blinds shutters, shades etc.
  • Window films and stickers
  • A combination of both hard and soft window treatments.


With the touch of a button you can watch your window coverings glide from side to side, up and down, and stop exactly where you’d like. Electric Curtains are engine driven tracks intended for straight or curved windows. It very well may be opened in any capacity you like: left to right, appropriate to left or center opening. It covers windows width from 5 fit to 15 fit, or stretches out to 30 fit in the event that you utilize two engines.

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