March 29, 2020

Electronic Drapes And Curtains

Energy efficiency happens to be an essential factor for anybody who is either constructing or remodeling a house. In fact, from location to installation, how your home is constructed can affect the amount of energy used by it. While it might be feasible for individuals to stay comfy all through the seasons without using any active cooling or heating system (which might be the ultimate ambition for many people), there is something comparatively simpler that can be added to your residence to regulate its temperature passively: electronic drapes. Smart, motorized blinds can help to regulate the solar gain as well as heat loss experienced by your residence naturally all through the day simply by closing and opening at certain pre-programmed times. The inclusion of smart home technology will train the electronic curtains when to close and open depending on the temperature as well as sunlight thus optimizing the energy efficiency of the HVAC system at your residence.
In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned several benefits of using electronic drapes at present which will help you to understand whether they’re fitting perfectly in your house or not.

1. Electric remote controlled drapery system helps to add convenience

It is possible to open and close the electronic curtains simply by pressing a button, an app on your smartphone, or remote control. Electronic drapes happen to be a fantastic way to minimize solar gain and also prevent any loss of heat. Since electronic curtains are extremely simple to open and close, it is very likely for you to bear in mind doing so for benefiting you as well as your surroundings. Besides this, there is no need for you to be concerned about electronic drapes because of the ability to set schedules for opening and closing them at some specific times.

2. Motorized curtains help to save energy

It will be possible to reduce the amount of energy utilized by your HVAC system while connecting an electric remote controlled drapery system to any smart home hub. This is because the electronic curtains will be able to react to the readings from the sunlight and temperature sensors connected to your smart hub independently. As a result, the electric drapes will be able to understand the time to close during the warmest part of the day for reducing the usage of HVAC or to open on a sunny day in the cold winter months so as to enable the sun to make a room warm naturally.

3. Smart home integration

In fact, the smart thermostats come with plenty of information for figuring out whether closing or opening the electronic drapes will allow in minimizing the usage of energy, for example, what kind of weather is present outside, what time of the day it is, and what is the current room temperature in your house. It will be possible for the thermostat to understand whether the room is becoming extremely hot by making use of all these data points and they will help to close the electronic curtains instead of switching on the air-conditioner or performing the reverse once it understands that a room is cooler than required.

4. Smart lighting

When combined with smart lighting, electronic drapes will aid in optimizing the amount of daylight in your residence for minimizing the usage of electricity. For instance, opening the electronic curtains will be able to trigger the smart lighting to switch off, and vice versa.

5. Motorized Curtains help to add R-value

It will be possible for the electronic drapes to add notable insulation value to the windows even without smarts. A 4.3 R-value is offered by the conventional roller and honeycomb electronic curtains. (A standard double glazed window comes with a 2.0 R-value). It will also be possible for you to get electronic drapes that will be able to incorporate an insulating layer into the windows.

6. Electric Remote Controlled Drapery System will help to increase safety

It is known to all of us that the best-motorized curtains do not feature any cords which are definitely a significant safety bonus; there is no need for you to worry about keeping them away from your kids. Nevertheless, a motorized drapery system can likewise provide extra safety benefits within a smart home. For example, electronic curtains might connect to a smoke alarm for opening them automatically once any fire is detected inside thus enabling emergency responders to enter into the house.

7. Extra security

By controlling remotely or setting up a particular schedule which makes it appear as though it is someone’s residence, electronic drapes will be able to outsmart any burglar by making them think that the house is occupied. In the same manner, while connected to any smart home system, it will be possible for the electronic curtains to shut once the residents depart and also open once they come back thanks to geofencing as well as a smartphone.

8. Helps to safeguard your furniture from the sun

Discoloration can be caused by direct exposure to the sun and it can damage your furniture in the long run. However, motorized curtains will help to safeguard your valuables by enabling automated programming to regulate the amount of light that enters your room. Setting the electronic drapes at a particular time will enable you to safeguard the furniture and you do not need to remember closing the electronic curtains on your own.

At present, you will come across some electronic drapes which are powered with cordless wall-mounted sun sensors. All these automated electronic curtains offer superior smartphone connectivity at present. Mounting these motorized curtains in every single room will enable the sensor to measure the heat or light and also adjust the motorized drapes and curtains accordingly. As compared to lots of newly-built energy-saving solutions, setting up electronic drapes will be a comparatively cheap way for controlling heat loss and solar gain within a room. This definitely makes them something to take into consideration for the would-be green property owners. Apart from this, the incorporation of smart technology enhances the capability of electronic curtains to minimize the usage of energy in the long run.

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