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About South Toledo Bend Area

Are you looking for Custom made Drapery in the south Toledo bend area? …Your prayers have been answered. We are here to serve you!

South Toledo Bend custom drapes and curtains is a census-designated place in Newton County, Texas, United States.

When we think about South Toledo bend one thing that comes to our mind is Toledo Bend reservoir. It sits on the east side of Toledo Bend Reservoir offering miles of water and land recreation opportunities. The area’s history is deeply influenced by it’s earliest times of Native American Indians, Spanish settlers, American settlers and these influences are seen and honored today.

North and South Toledo Bend State Parks give an amazing introduction to this fishing mecca for anglers, mountain bikers, birders, hikers and campers. In Zwolle, North Toledo Bend has 900 acres of fun and amazing waterfront landscapes.

The Zwolle Tamale Fiesta stands out even among Louisiana’s 400-plus annual festivals. Held from 12 to 14 October 2017, the festival honors the legacy of Spanish colonists and American Indians who formed the distinctive culture of Western Central Louisiana. As this place is filled with all things fun, the people here are more fun loving and entertainers.

About US:

Galaxy design have been offering elegant drapery package for over 40 years for homes throughout united states.

An extraordinary curtains & window treatment provider in your area: Galaxy Design Elegant draperies & curtains

A unique creation, Galaxy Design took its place among the best-known international brands of elegant curtains & window treatments, one of USA’s oldest and most experienced company in curtains & drapery sector.

Since many decades Galaxy design has created innovative and stylish collections for today’s living spaces. Galaxy Design’s elegance infuses every abode with its presence, revealing a lifestyle that intimates “quality and refinement” at the very first look.

Adhering to a singular and original approach in everything from its logo to the smallest details of its designs, we at Galaxy Design creates collections that are informed by the philosophy of “achieving excellence and elegance in all things curtains.

Why Choose Us

Our curtain & draperies are innovative and extraordinary

With our customized curtain creates enjoyable living spaces with rich designs and a unique style with full customization according to your window type.

Galaxy design offers unique style and design in all curtain hardware. Our collections are Gem, classic and crystal collection are astoundingly beautiful with embellishments.

Our motto is quality and elegance and these qualities are in the finest details of our drapery & window treatment packages 

Our curtain & draperies achieves are perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, between new trends and classic designs, and between simplicity and splendor.

Last but not least we offer “affordable luxury” that appeals to exquisite tastes and whose simple and stylish designs make them distinctive in window treatments and custom draperies.


What We provide

The refinement and elegance which the Galaxy Design curtain collection brings to every corner of the home is especially enhanced by its graceful, elegant designs while extraordinary combinations of sheer and drapery fabric colors and patterns make it possible to personalize living spaces. Our customized drapery allows you to subtly underscore the elegance of your curtains with your own combinations of superior-quality and splendidly patterned and colored decorative pillow and throw and runner accessories.

Along with the soothing effect afforded by simple, earth hues, we also create a lush appearance with its attention to lustrous details. Check out our extravagant collection on our website. In addition, Galaxy design also exhibits its extraordinary vision in exclusive collections that it puts together based on its impressions of every season’s new trends and on products specially created for it by different designers.

Having originally established its reputation for elegance in the California market, Galaxy design is now being offered to consumers in USA at exclusive luxury window curtains South Toledo Bend area. Our curtain & drapery label products carry their advanced quality and extraordinary touch to homes all over the world.

We specialize in curtain designs that match elegant design styles. Check out our elegant curtain packages below to be in awe.

Our elegant curtain packages can be customized for every window type and size and provide you the perfect design for your home and impress your friends. You can customize the whole drapery packages according to your house or window requirements. We can cater any window type you have, Fear not we have elegant drapes just designed for you.

Check out below the before and after layout and how our drapes & curtain makes a room’s outlook complete and perfect.

The process Here is how it works:

In these easy steps below!

  • Go over to our website and visit our elegant drapery packages on our website. You will find there, our amazing packages, take a look at them and choose what you like.


  • Select the one that you like, then schedule a free consultation.


  • One of our friendly designers will call you and ask you about your vision and your home design style. Will suggest ideas for draperies foe you which will enhance your home design style.
  • During the call, your designer will view your windows and furniture type and will show you some designs, fabrics and hardware that matches your style.
  • Together you’ll design the perfect elegant drapery package for your home. 
  • Provide you fabric choices hardware colors, measurements and give you a quote and place your order.
  • Once your elegant drapery package is completed. Your package will arrive at your home with a step by step easy installation instructions for you to follow.
  • Before you know it you will be having the party that you been waiting for with your friends and family.

So what are you waiting for, you can get the gorgeous window curtains at Galaxy Design South Toledo Bend. By clicking here to view an astounding collection of Draperies and curtains along with embellished hardware.

Just pick up the phone and give us a call now or if you don’t have time now click the button below to schedule your free consultation and get your project started.

Make a haste and Call us at 866-215-3173 today for more details.