Four Corner Texas Curtains & Window Treatments

Four Corner Texas Curtains & Window Treatments

Yes, you heard right we are in Four Corner, Texas.

The sky truly is the limit for custom curtains & window treatments. We carry over 20 different lines of fabric and trims for styles and on top, the good news is that we are in your area. Galaxy design have been offering elegant curtains & window treatments for over more than a decade for homes throughout united states

First let’s Cheer about Four Corner!!!

Four Corners elegant valances window treatments is a designated census location within Houston’s extraterritorial jurisdiction in Fort Bend County, Texas, USA.

The Four Corners valances and curtains is far too prosaic of a title for the strikingly lovely land in the southeastern United States that does not respect man-made borders. It has a varied economy, entertainment, and much more.

In the end, why we love that uniquely located area is that Four Corners  Monument is the only location in the U.S. where you can stand in four states and three sovereign countries at the same time. It is the meeting place for Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

We are in your area, Isn’t that amazing.

About us

The layout of any space can be enhanced by an exquisite collection of curtains & window treatments or draperies, whether you want to block that unwanted view and save energy or enhance sight. Packages of complete window dressing require ornamental hardware too. We at Galaxy design provide you with Beautiful elegant curtains & window treatments for your space. When elegantly coordinated with a present style, any window treatment can do wonders in creating that oomph factor we all strive for in our homes.

Our curtains & window treatments are ready-made curtains, custom-made drapery packages and curtain hardware are to die for. We are proud to assist you in choosing the ideal window treatment for your home from design tips to technical advice, making the method simple for you.

We give our knowledge in window treatments in our home consultation plan to assist you select the correct one in the correct lighting circumstances and according to your house theme. We’re going to do all the measurements for you to make sure you get the perfect fit and look within your budget.

Variety of curtain treatments have been stored for you to choose from.

Availability All product orders are subject to accessibility. Usually it is recommended when putting an order, but we will inform you of any delays if this is not feasible.

Our mission & values

We at Galaxy Design think in mutual growth for us and our clients all over USA specially in Four corners, Texas. We want to touch the dreams of our clients, and move quickly to become an International Beautiful curtains & window treatment brand.

Galaxy Design, which has spent more than a decade in Curtain & draperies sector and made its mark at the forefront, believe in providing you with best quality customized window treatments. We have a vast variety of window drapery packages and hardware for you to choose from and continue to create life simpler for customers by using best quality product and services.


Today, on our journey to “give life to dreams of our client’s home and life by providing best curtains & window treatments,” we are touching the lives of millions of people in all over USA. Behind this achievement lies the values that have brought us to today and will bring us to tomorrow.

We dream and make these dreams a reality by providing you the window treatments that align with your vision of home design style…

In our DNA are the imagination and “self-confidence and our professional team that gives our dreams life.” We acknowledge our responsibilities. In this direction, we are setting our strategy and action plans to deliver you at your area that is Four corner. We work for our country’s future, generating added value, moving forward with the objective of becoming a worldwide recognized Beautiful elegant drapery provider.

Our Objectives

We are pioneering, innovative, entrepreneurial…

We follow carefully the quickly evolving dynamics of the globe. In all of our business processes, we value dynamism, innovation and creativity. We are not only creating awareness with our entrepreneurial spirit, but also creating distinction. We continue to be the first address in our country, the pioneer of change, we want you to be at ease while choosing our window treatments and customizing them according to your style and theme. Thus, creating innovative choices at best.

Our greatest asset are our clients

Our staff are the main factor in making our dreams a reality. We strive to hire the finest talents; we strive to provide you with elegant draperies and curtains that will speaks for itself and that allows our staff to show their innovation and creativity potential and support their professional and personal development. We think in a participatory, honest, transparent, accountable and accountable leadership that provides a working atmosphere where equality, diversity, common objectives, team spirit, sharing and interaction flourish.

We are working to create our clients better every day than the last…

“People” is at the heart of our operations. We generate alternatives with our creative and elegant curtains & window treatment products and services that will make life simpler for our clients and add value to their lives. We strive to construct long-term trust-and partnership-based relationships. In addition, our customized drapery packages will take your breath away!

Thanks to our brand Galaxy Design creating added value in the sectors we operate, we are moving decisively towards becoming a global group. With our brands opening the doors to Four corner, Texas. We are continuing to bring your dreams to life.


We specialize in custom designs that match elegant design styles. Check out our elegant drapery packages below to be in awe.

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