Frankenmuth, MI Custom Drapery Packages

CUSTOM DRAPERY Packages in Frankenmuth, MI

About Frankenmuth

Frankenmuth is a Michigan town renowned for its architecture in the Bavarian style. The Historical Museum of Frankenmuth shows the German origins of the area. The Military & Space Heroes Museum in Michigan shows flight gear, Honor Medals and aviation machinery. The Heritage Park, bordered by the Cass River, has an exhibition pavilion and a river path. In a forested region, Frankenmuth Aerial Park provides ropes and zip lines.

The greeting around Frankenmuth is “Willkommen” (the German word for welcome), and all through your getaway in Michigan’s Little Bavaria you will surely find the hot feeling and German inspiration! After all, Frankenmuth may be only about three-square miles in size, but every year more than 3 million tourists arrive to experience every unique inch!

While here, are you going to get your hands on a German pretzel rolling experience, or sit back and appreciate serving world-renowned chicken meals or Do you have to hike or drive across the Frankenmuth Wooden Covered Bridge in a horse-drawn carriage? Fudge or taffy, Brewery of St. Julian or Frankenmuth?

Let us offer you a flavor of Frankenmuth’s many fun things to do

Enjoy world-famous chicken at Zehnder’s and Bavarian Inn Bavarian Inn Restaurant Located right across the road from each other, both Frankenmuth’s Zehnder’s and Bavarian Inn Restaurant serve world-famous, all-you-can-eat, family-style chicken meals. Both honor German culture, both serve genuine German delights such as Schnitzel and Sauerbraten, and both give delicious dining options.

If you are more adventurous soul you can visit From the Frankenmuth Summer Music Fest to Auto Fest and Oktoberfest attend a festival, be sure to find out which top Frankenmuth events will take place during your getaway.

Explore Even More Lager Mill Beer Store & Brewing Museum Lager Mill Beer Store & Brewing Museum

Try ziplining at Frankenmuth Aerial Park or spend a short weekend at the Lager Mill Beer Store & Brewing Museum, take a Frankenmuth walking tour or tee off at the Dick Nugent Golf Course, The Fortress. There’s something in Frankenmuth to create everyone feel “Welcome,” and you’re sure to appreciate your magical getaway to Little Bavaria in Michigan! Frankenmuth have it all and on top we Galaxy design pioneers in custom drapery are here, in your neighborhood.

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About Us

Since beginning, thanks to our willingness to improve, Galaxy Design has directed at achieving European standards with its craftsmanship and performance. Galaxy Design has produced the concept of correct use of fulfillment, quality and effectiveness in the kinds of custom drapery, Drapes, Roman Shades, Pillows, Valances. we produce. When we conclude that the curtain & window treatment in Frankenmuth, MI is helpful to represent elegance thinking.

Quality policy

We continue to operate today as Galaxy Design custom drapery to enhance our output by creating unique patterns over prepared and customize everything according to your house style. We prepare the curtains according to the desired size and make sure the curtains are exactly the desired size. Fabrication of curtains needs effective job and care. Experienced staff should therefore be present as we hire professional and passionate people at Galaxy Design in order to enhance the quality of human lives.

Shipment & Packaging

Products are supplied in packaging to guarantee secure transportation in each target area and comply with the applicable legislation. There’s no need to worry about delivery, therefore.

Call us for tips and help with your draperies. We highly suggest that you ask for a consultant and get sample of Drapery layout and drapery hardware options to get the greatest tailored results. So please use this free service to make sure that you know exactly what you are supposed to get!

Vision & mission

Galaxy Design stressed the significance of transparency & quality over quantity. With more than 40 year of experience in the field we adopt this goal, it included models in its production and took this as a task. Quality of production of Galaxy Design custom drapery and meticulous workmanship with the suitable budget as a vision for addressing the suitable budget for you in Frankenmuth.

Observing certain requirements for custom drapery & curtains, roller blinds and venetian blinds is highly delicate, with the exception of rules that are highly essential to be suitable in cost conditions.

Just visit our website and there you will receive detailed explanations on our website and all details are listed on our website.

For giving you a reason to select our consultation we need to take an instance, in selecting the curtain or custom drapery for your house, the sort of cloth is very crucial. Particularly synthetic fabrics have problems with ventilation. Frankenmuth, MI Curtains with a very small synthetic speed should be chosen if a curtain is chosen for a humid setting. This kind of significant information you want for your customize curtains & draperies, roller blinds and window treatments are crucial for you. You have ample of choices to choose from. Both designs and cloth types are accessible in distinct types in a multitude of colors. You may have the opportunity to check the photos from our page of these designs.

Decorate your home window and you can check Galaxy for expert guidance in selecting windows that are subjected to the direct sunlight from the outside. Just give us a call or schedule a consultation. We specialize in custom designs that match advanced architectural types. See the advanced drapery packages below to be surprised.

Our advanced drapery packages can be tailored to suit every window type and size, giving you the perfect home design and impressing your peers. You can customize all drapery packages to suit your space or window requirements. We can cater for any kind of window you have; don’t fear that only for you we have advanced drapes.

Check out with our Frankenmuth drapes & canopy below the before and after layout and how the view of a space is complete and perfect.

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