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Austin Curtain & Drapes

Austin Texas is known for it classical look of curtains. New homes in Austin Texas are mostly  two story homes and they can be furnished with all luxury drapes and furniture.

The colors that creates the luxury drapes are usually considered to be Royal blues and burgundies that works well for this type of decor.

Galaxy design have been providing luxury curtains to community of Austin Texas for the past 40 years 

The recorded history of Austin, Texas, began in the 1830s when Anglo-American settlers arrived in Central Texas. 

In 1837 settlers founded the village of Waterloo on the banks of the Colorado River, the first permanent settlement in the area.

In the heart of the Texas capital, our Austin window treatments features custom window curtains and drapes. Find the perfect style today!

Let’s talk a little bit about Austin.

Austin luxury home curtains , Texas  is a great place to live…for some people. While the state Capitol is occupied by mostly live music lovers, the city is a liberal oasis in the reliably red Lone Star state. … Despite that Austin luxury home curtains is knows for live music festivals and Famous Texas BBQ. The people are fun loving and generous in hospitality and good laugh.

In 1839, Waterloo was chosen to replace Houston as the capital of Texas. Shortly after, the name of the city was changed to Austin, in honor of Stephen F. Austin, known as the “Father of Texas” 

There’s enough said Austin is hands-down one of the quirkiest, funkiest, wonderful cities in the United States.

About us

Established for over a 4 decade, Galaxy Design has taken its place among the leading companies of the sector by signing many innovations in the modern, contemporary and elegant curtain & drapes sector since its establishment. Galaxy design, which is one of the lead manufacturers in beautiful elegant drapes sector, we’ve been designing and manufacturing most noteworthy quality window treatments and draperies for private and residential spaces for more than a decade now. Our window treatments at Galaxy design are rich, elegant, conventional and are a timeless classic. With each item that we make we provide high-quality, variety of designs and better service. Each product while manufacturing undergoes a thorough quality control from texture inspection throughout the production line to the physical assessment of the final item. Our window treatments offer value to your cash.

Our mission

The mission of the company is to put Galaxy Design Beautiful elegant drapes under the signature of major national and international projects in whole US.

We at Galaxy design curtains & drapes, want to serve the domestic market retail means. Our company wants to continue its way by signing many firsts in its sector as it has done so far.

Our primary concept is to provide products and services that contribute value to our customers ‘ and company partners ‘ life, focusing on teamwork and the philosophy of ongoing growth that is sensitive to human and environmental health.

Our qualified craftsmen meticulously crafted with careful attention to every detail. Our Beautiful elegant drapes are produced with only the best quality raw materials above and beyond industry norms.

Our principles

Galaxy Design curtains & Drapes is a private family business established with the belief that high-quality custom drapery can be produced rapidly and reasonably priced by using the newest technology available today. The combination of our state-of – the-art work with an innovative website has allowed us to offer high-end quality drapery designs at excellent rates. Combined with contemporary working methods, old world craftsmanship ensures that our products are supplied as quickly as possible at your convenience.

Our price matches our excellent quality & guarantee

We are very serious about our pricing. We are working hard to make sure our normal rates are better than the “sale” rates of our competitor.

Our cost guarantee is that if you discover a better price from a business other than Galaxy Design Curtain & Drapes for a comparable design (i.e. the same fabric, comparable choices, the same size), kindly let us know. We’re going to beat their cost! We give value for your money.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Why? Because Galaxy Design ‘ window treatments should make you happy.

We want our clients to be proud of the drapery we do. Drapes are a main focal point in any space, and we want our clients to enjoy every day what they see.

If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your custom drapery. Simply, call us at 866-215-3173 for more details. We’ll assist you with your query.

It’s that easy really.

We prioritize our customers

We think word of the mouth marketing suits us best as our clients will inform their friends and family about our beautiful and elegant draperies if we make our clients happy. We think our best investment is satisfied clients. We also know the reluctance to make a custom buy online. Therefore, on all our window treatments, we give the industry’s greatest guarantee. You can buy with full trust.

We specialize in custom designs that match elegant design styles. Check out our elegant drapery packages below to be in awe.

Our elegant drapery packages can be customized for every window type and size and provide you the perfect design for your home and impress your friends. You can customize the whole drapery packages according to your house or window requirements. We can cater any window type you have, Fear not we have elegant drapes just designed for you.

Check out below the before and after layout and how our drapes & curtain makes a room’s outlook complete and perfect.

The process Here is how it works:

In these easy steps below

  • First call or visit our elegant drapery packages on our website.
  • Go over to our website and visit our elegant drapery packages on our website. You will find there, our amazing packages, take a look at them and choose what you like.
  • Select the one that you like, then schedule a free consultation.


  • One of our friendly designers will call you and ask you about your vision and your home design style. Will suggest ideas for draperies foe you which will enhance your home design style.


  • During the call, your designer will view your windows and furniture type and will show you some designs, fabrics and hardware that matches your style.
  • Provide your fabric choices hardware colors, measurements and give you a quote and place your order.
  • Once your elegant drapery package is completed. Your package will arrive at your home with a step by step easy installation instructions for you to follow.

  • So what are you waiting for, you can get the gorgeous window curtains at Galaxy Design clicking here to view an astounding collection of Draperies and curtains along with embellished hardware.

Once your drapes are installed have a party and enjoy them with your friends and family.

Just pick up the phone and give us a call now or if you don’t have time now click the button below to schedule your free consultation and get your project started.

Hurry up and Call us at 866-215-3173 today for more details.