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Galaxy Design was developed almost 40 years with the goal of creating lovely high-quality elegant drapes & window treatment packages while providing premium client service to its customers.

We focus solely on manufacturing and supplying such products, including but not restricted to complete dressing of windows, curtain hardware, blinds, valances and motorized curtains.

Our skilled and creative team stays at the heart of new products and altering interior and exterior habits so that we can provide the finest feasible alternative in a quickly evolving environment.

Why we at Galaxy Design work with its clients to fulfill their window treatment and custom drapery specifications on project-based options. Each product is separately and meticulously developed and performed in an effort to ensure customer satisfaction and reduced long-term maintenance costs. Custom draperies are the primary window therapy choice for our customers.

Our elegant drapery packages are manufactured solely for our customers and delivered mainly across the United States to our customers around the globe.

We specialize in custom designs that match advanced architectural types. See below for inspiration our elegant drapery packages.

Our advanced drapery packages can be tailored to suit every window type and size, giving you the perfect home design and impressing your peers. You can customize all drapery packages to suit your space or window requirements. We can cater for any kind of window you have; don’t fear that just for you we have lovely elegant drapes.

Check out with our drapes & furnishings below the before and after layout and how the view of a space is complete and perfect.


Oak Ridge is a town in the counties of Anderson and Roane in the western portion of Tennessee state, about 25 miles south of Knoxville. The population of Oak Ridge was 29,330 in the 2010 census. It is component of the Metropolitan Area of Knoxville.

The nicknames of Oak Ridge are Atomic City, Secret City, Ridge, and Behind the Fence City. Oak Ridge was created as a Manhattan Project manufacturing location in 1942, the huge American, British, and Canadian undertaking that created the atomic bomb.

The home of the oil processing factories (K-25andY-12), the fluid heat storage facility(S-50), and the pilot plutonium reactor (X-10 Graphite Reactor) was Oak Ridge. In 1942, the U.S. government set up the town of Oak Ridge to serve as a home base for the Manhattan Project.

The entire town had to be constructed almost from scratch, chosen for its distant location, to manage the flow of employees / residents, which ballooned in 3,000 to 75,000 years. Very few of the employees, most of whom were women, knew what was being built up at the time, or what they got into.

Delightful Oak Ridge has been like any quaint southern city in many ways — there has been an abundance of recreational operations such as swimming, a bookstore, 13 grocery shops, an orchestra, and swing dancing. It was practically a wartime Mayberry in addition to the necessary badges, guard towers and gigantic perimeter fence. Stop in the museum afterwards for a special treat to see the brilliant pictures of Ed Westcott, the official wartime photographer.

The Secret City Festival takes place every June, finish with reenactors from the WWII. Together with many other local organizations, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory andY-12 Security Complex proceed to create Oak Ridge one of the nation’s centers of science development. National Laboratory tours and the New Hope CenterY-12 can be booked.

If you need a bit more enthusiasm, take your mountain bicycle to Haw Ridge Park for some of the southeast’s most exciting and difficult mountain bicycle paths. There are also two golf courses in Oak Ridge. Centennial Golf Course is one of East Tennessee’s leading government golf courses and home to2-time PGA Tour champion Scott Stallings, the private Oak Ridge Country Club.

That’s not all, though. Oak Ridge is also an arts and culture-rich town. The Oak Ridge Playhouse, Symphony, Ballet and Arts Center offers a flourishing scene for artists and dancers and with that we are proud to announce Oak Ridge as our new location for window treatments & curtain services. We at Galaxy Design are sure that you guys will also appreciate the numerous curtains & drapery selection on our website.