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Luxury Drapery Package in Knoxville, TN

About Knoxville

Knoxville is an eastern Tennessee town on the Tennessee River. The Market Square area has houses from the 19th century with stores and restaurants in the downtown area. The East Tennessee History Museum has interactive displays in addition to national art, fabrics and artefacts from the Civil War. James White’s Fort, built by the captain of the Revolutionary War, includes Knoxville’s first permanent building, the reconstructed 1786 log cabin.

Nickname(s): Marble City, Valley Heart, Mountain Queen City, K-Town, Scruffy City, Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains. Knoxville is a town in Tennessee’s U.S. state and Knox County seat. … Knoxville was the first capital of Tennessee, first established in 1786. Nestled in the state of Tennessee, the huge town of Knoxville is also blessed with an array of lovely adjacent monuments such as the Tennessee River, the lovely Great Smoky Mountains, and the similarly amazing Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

During moments like the Civil War, Knoxville was a prominent place and as such this past is presented throughout the town through a variety of lovely historical sites that catch the imagination of history buffs.

Also, Knoxville won’t disappoint anyone traveling with kids with museums, instructional displays, and the powerful Knoxville Zoo. There is even a devoted theater for kids called the Children’s Theater.

Snuggled between the Great Smoky Mountains and the mighty Tennessee River, Knoxville, Tennessee is a contemporary, interesting town, known as the Great Smoky Mountains Gateway. The town is home to the East Tennessee History Center, World Fair Park, Tennessee Theater, Ijmas Nature Center, Blount Mansion and many other excellent sights. The best activities to do in Knoxville, TN with children include Knoxville Zoo, Muse Knoxville, McClung Natural History and Culture Museum, and Knoxville Children’s Theatre.

Knoxville is your portal to visit major attractions such as the Great Smoky Mountains and Tennessee University. In the Scruffy City, the whole family can have fun. Although Knoxville is not as busy as Nashville’s capital city of Tennessee, there are still plenty of possibilities for entertainment or relaxation and for curtains & drapes if you are in the market for them. Yes, you heard right we Galaxy Design are in your area, providing best quality window treatments & curtains.

About Galaxy Design

Are you searching for distinctive products that will be decorated in the space while providing appropriate sunlight for the interior? We also give luxurious drapery packages that fulfill the demands of the most challenging clients in relation to ready-made fabrics. Modern fabrics enjoy their easy or fancy shapes, exciting colors and designs that emphasize your interior’s uniqueness.

The room curtains can be split into these fundamental kinds: –

  • curtains,
  • luxury drapery packages
  • Customized curtains,
  • panel curtains,
  • valances,
  • blinds,
  • motorized curtains.

Luxury drapery packages are produced of heavier fabrics for the living room, helping to restrict the air stream. The tenants of apartments and buildings that value privacy and those with windows facing south or west, where too much light can interfere in the summertime, will appreciate them. For contemporary interiors, panel curtains are an exciting compliment.

First of all, finished luxury customized curtains will decorate the room whether we put on airy, sensitive or the other way round-fleshy, colored, varies on our needs only.

Curtains matching the interior design Curtains for the corridor and other spaces must match the full style of furnishing the home or apartment. Elegant, modeled designs produced from thinner fabrics look best in classic rooms. Curtains can be smooth, one-color or in fashionable designs for the kitchen in a modern style-in this case, lighter materials that do not stand out from the entire arrangement look better.

Our company review

Galaxy Design has been created for nearly 40 years with the aim of producing beautiful high-quality Luxury drapery & window therapy packages while offering premium customer service to their clients.

We concentrate exclusively on the manufacture and supply of such products, including but not limited to full windows, bolts, mirrors, valances and electrical furniture dressing.

Our qualified and innovative team remains at the core of fresh products and changes interior and exterior practices so that in a rapidly changing setting we can provide the best viable solution.

We work with its customers at Galaxy Design to meet their project-based choices for window treatment and custom drapery requirements. In an attempt to guarantee customer satisfaction and reduce long-term maintenance costs, each item is created and conducted individually and meticulously.

Custom draperies are our clients ‘ main option of window treatment.

Our sophisticated drapery sets are produced exclusively for our clients and supplied to our clients around the globe primarily throughout the United States.

Check out below the before and after design and how the perspective of a room is full and ideal with our drapes & curtains.