Motorized Curtains and Window Treatment in Charleston, SC

Motorized curtains are one of many services that galaxy design offers, we have several types of motors that work with curtains.

About Charleston

Charleston, a well-preserved southern gem, reflects the nostalgic vision of the Old South with its aristocratic residences and its elegant atmosphere.

Founded in 1670, Charleston is characterized by its cobbled streets, carriages of horse and pastel antebellum homes, particularly in the fashionable French Quarter and Battery neighborhoods. Charleston’s port is the capital of South Carolina.

Charleston is gravitated for many reasons: its trendy restaurants and bars, its diverse landscape of art and fashion, its finest curb, the proximity of the sea, its rich history, its southern charm. When you are there, there are so many things and places to visit. New, fresh, thrilling and shocking, we have all the requisite stops, to ensure that you recall your journey to the lowlands and also have plenty to get back. You’ll never run out of things to do, be it your first visit or your tenth.

Charleston was identified as the richest city in the American south in 1773 and maintains the environment of the plantation culture, perhaps more so than any other. It is easy to see why the Heroine of Gone with the Wind would prefer to live in Charleston by walking or riding through the historic district with its veranda-faced mansions and sleek church towers. Tourist attractions in Charleston include an aquarium, a USS Yorktown aircraft carrier and Fort Sumter, together with historic houses, farms and parks, where the first Civil War shots were fired.

Charleston is a popular touristic destination, known for its rich history, well-preserved architecture, distinguished restaurants and guests.

Charleston’s coastal position and soul food presence are characterized by foods that are as spicy as foods rich in history. Although the Holy City has grown and evolved in recent years, the food scene of Charleston still contains traditional Southern products such as shrimp, grit and crab soup.

What are Motorized curtains?

The motorized curtains are a window to satisfy demand by the industry, to simplify, simplify everything in homes. As the name implies, the motorized shading increases and decreases with the engine, which means that no lift cables, chain solutions or even cables are necessary.

Why Motorized curtains?

They save energy just as much as they do to preserve your privacy. On the reverse side, you should leave room lights off, relying instead on the natural light from the sun to illuminate your house when the colors are down on a single day.

They can help protect a home against disruption. If window treatments change all day, it’s like someone’s at home in your bedroom. In other words, it gives a “lived-in” look— a powerful deterrent to burglars.

Motorized curtains look better than old window treatments. Attached on a motorized wire, rod or roller, window curtain raises, turn left and right without the need to secure the thread. Within pull cords you invoke a crisp, sleek appearance of window treatments. Throughout fact, you can synchronize the window treatments to start and stop throughout unison and precisely line up throughout the room.

They come in a number of different fabrics. Selection in picking a product that is connected to the motorized equipment is not missing. Colors, textures, and opacity run the gamut, and every room of your house can be adapted in a design and decorative way.

These can be tailored to suit any window shape and size. Windows are rectangular. Windows are turn out to be an architectural feature of a house, which is strictly a functional device. In the form of a trapezoid, a circle, and with unusual arches and angles, windows dominate homes today and motorized window care system hardware and textiles can be personalized to suit any window.

They are fast, quiet and precise. You would assume something powered by a motor was noisy, but manufacturers have built quasi-noise-free systems. In fact, the motors are so well tuned that the acceleration is smooth.

They’re safer than manual controls for your family. Your kids, your animals, even the pull cords of a manual drapery or shade system can get caught in your own hands. Prevent it by motorizing a solution.

Combined units provide inspiration for unique design. Combine shades and sheer drapes with Roman shades or marry shades of blackout. The sky is the limit on how your windows are “dressed,” and any combination of treatments is suitable for motorized equipment. The ease of a remote control, wall mounted mouse, or mobile app helps you to transfer them together or independently.