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About City

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s state capital, lies on the river Susquehanna. The National Civil War Museum, through interactive displays and re-enactments, shows both sides of the war. The State Museum of Pennsylvania honors the natural, cultural and industrial legacy of the area next to the imposing Capitol building. Hershey park is a chocolate-themed park with tours and amenities to the east of the town.

You will discover Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s state capital, on the banks of the Susquehanna River. This town is renowned for both its beauty and wealthy history, having served an important part in the development of the West, the Civil War, and the Industrial Revolution.

During the Western Migration, the Civil War, and the Industrial Revolution, Harrisburg performed a significant part in American history. The 19th century construction of the Pennsylvania Canal and subsequently the PA. Railroad enabled Harrisburg to become one of North America’s most industrialized.

Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania, is a historic area decorated with houses from the 18th and 19th centuries, scenic views of the river Susquehanna, and a holiday worth doing stuff. You could just spend a day visiting the city’s centerpiece at the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex and studying the artistic aspect of state government with the artwork around the region.

Some of Harrisburg’s primary tourist characteristics are the events on and around the Susquehanna River, varying from biking along the Greenbelt Capital Area and kayaking to a riverboat journey or an evening of leisure events at the City Island Complex. Harrisburg has historical origins, which is why it is essential to visit places such as the National Civil War Museum to leave the town with gratitude.

Many visitors visiting Harrisburg take the brief ride south to discover Hershey’s highlights for a day or two to explore the chocolate-inspired neighbor of the state capital. Among that amazing chocolate place & American history, there is a new comer in your neighborhood, Galaxy Design, curtains & draperies.

Is a curtains & draperies provider is a youthful and vibrant firm offering solutions for embellishing classic and modern curtains with top treatments and also provide stationary panels that are appropriate for any kind of windows. The draperies and curtains listed in our catalog are all of high quality and of excellent production in allover USA, especially in Harrisburg, PA.

About Galaxy Design

Established over a century ago, since its inception, Galaxy Design has held its position among the industry’s major firms by publishing numerous developments in the modern, contemporary and elegant canopy & drapes industry. Galaxy design, one of the leading producers of lovely elegant drapes, has been developing and production the most remarkable performance window products and draperies for personal and residential areas for over a century. Our Galaxy layout window treatments are wealthy, sophisticated, simple and a timeless classic. We provide high quality, range of models and superior service with every product we create. Each product undergoes thorough quality control during manufacturing from texture inspection throughout the production line to the ultimate object physical evaluation. The price of our window treatments is your money.

Our aims

The company’s objective is to place Galaxy Design Beautiful elegant drapes under the signing of significant domestic and global initiatives throughout the United States.

Our main idea is to deliver products and services that add value to the lives of our clients and business associates, concentrating on teamwork and the continuing development philosophy that is responsive to human and environmental health.

Our skilled craftsmen have meticulously designed every detail with thorough attention. Our beautiful elegant draperies & top treatments are manufactured with raw materials of only the highest value above and beyond industry standards.

Galaxy Design power is the broad and diverse variety of facilities ranging from draperies and top treatment design and manufacturing to shipment and installation guide. 

In relation to our company’s products, we also cope with the manufacture of stationary panels & top treatments for the USA’s most homes & businesses. A selection that enables us to introduce distinct alternatives that can be adapted to window treatments and more in a classic, contemporary and designer style.

Our strengths

Galaxy Design has a broad variety of draperies & stationary panel designs. It provides its own manufacturing window treatments and the highest quality on the top treatment products. Our goods differ from classic curtains, panels, roller, venetian blinds, traditional to contemporary draperies.