Decorative drapery hardware in Cleveland, Ohio

About City

Cleveland is a town in Ohio’s U.S. state and Cuyahoga County center. The town itself has a population of 383,793, making it the United States ‘ 52nd largest town and Ohio’s second largest town.

Cleveland was the Connecticut Land Company’s first colony to be established in the Connecticut Western Reserve. It was named after General Moses Cleveland, a business investor who caused the Western Reserve study of his territory. The city was situated along the Cuyahoga River’s eastern bank.

History. On March 3, 1836, separating from Brooklyn Township, the City of Ohio became an autonomous municipality. In the late 1830s, the town rose from a population of 2,400 to over 4,000 in 1850. Cleveland incorporated the municipality on June 5, 1854.

Cleveland is Ohio’s second biggest town and constitutes a rustic flare upgrade. In the Flats East Bank, where the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie merge, the town has a powerful cultural aspect, with cinemas, sights and a flourishing social scene. In the 1800s, Cleveland was one of the eastern United States ‘ most significant river ports and an industrial hub where some of America’s wealthiest businessmen produced their wealth. A tribute to their riches is the luxurious homes on Euclid Avenue, recognized as Millionaires ‘ Row. John D. Rockefeller, founder of the Standard Oil Company, and Samuel Mather, who created his fortune in steel production and transportation, were among those who united here around the beginning of the 19th century.

Today, the remains of the historic railway and canal fame of Cleveland serve as an eclectic background for a vibrant town that turns factories into boutique hotels and is a prominent location for world-class sporting activities and festivals close to the waterfront. Take a walk along the popular Historic Warehouse District of Cleveland, spend an evening enjoying some of the major sports resorts in the Historic Gateway District, or explore some of the spectacular museums in Cleveland.

The most well-known Cleveland cuisine could be Pierogi, Polish boys, and paczki, introduced by generations of Eastern European immigrants. A Polish boy, not to be confused with a Louisiana Po’ boy, is a kielbasa sausage on a bun, covered with coleslaw, French fries and barbecue sauce, and it’s a favorite of the local people.

Decorative drapery hardware collections

In various collections such as decorative drapery hardware each collection has its distinctive touch and its unique sensuality. We have three basic collections with exquisite design & embellishments named as:

Gem, Crystal & classic hardware.

This collection, however, is also influenced by fresh design alternatives, rendered possible through technical innovation. Galaxy design described as a variant of the contemporary classic. Accurately matched colors and subtly mixed patterns emanate an elegance that is long-lived and eternal. Any atmosphere can be mixed separately with our hardware collections that completes the outlook of room.

Why us

At Galaxy Design job with its clients to fulfill their window treatment and custom drapery specifications on project-based options. Each product is separately and meticulously developed and performed in an effort to ensure customer satisfaction and reduced long-term maintenance costs. Custom draperies are the primary window treatment choice for our customers.

Our elegant drapery sets are manufactured solely for our customers and delivered mainly across the United States to our customers around the globe.

We specialize in custom designs that match advanced architectural types. See below for inspiration our advanced drapery packages & decorative drapery hardware.

Our advanced drapery packages can be tailored to suit every window type and size, giving you the perfect home design and impressing your peers. You can customize all drapery packages to suit your space or window requirements. We can cater for any kind of window you have; don’t fear that just for you we have lovely elegant drapes.

Check out with our drapes & furnishings below the before and after layout and how the view of a space is complete and perfect.

The method

 Here’s how it operates: go to our website and check out these easy steps below for our lovely elegant drapes packages & sets on our website. There you will find our fantastic packages, take a look at them and choose what you like.

  • Select the one you want and then schedule a free meeting.
  • You will be called by one of our experienced consultants to inquire about your concept and style of home. Suggest drapery ideas to enhance your home design style.
  • During the call, your designated specialist will look at your windows and type of furniture and show designs, materials and facilities that suit your style.
  • The perfect elegant drapery set will be intended together for your home.
  • Provide your fabric choices with hardware shades and dimensions and give a quote and place your order.
  • When your sophisticated drapery package is finished. With easy installation rules, your kit comes at home for you to follow step by step.
  • Before you know it, you’ll have the party you’ve been waiting for with your friends and friends.

Hurry up and go visit Galaxy Design Cleveland, OH. You can get the lovely window treatments by clicking here to see an incredible range of draperies and fabrics along with lovely hardware.

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About Galaxy Design

Highly precious and extremely stylish yet classic curtains. For forty years, Galaxy Design has been one of the rulers in the curtain industry. Since its inception, the company’s history has been defined by tradition and expertise, which still distinguishes the exclusivity of its window treatments, creative patterns and specialist guidance and decorative drapery hardware.

Inside the business, the design department is constantly looking for the finest products to exemplify its thoughts and is working with global trends for window treatments in style, decorative drapery hardware and curtains.

The outcome is extremely precious and luxurious curtains.