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Custom window treatment in Cincinnati, Ohio

About City

Cincinnati is a town on the Ohio River in Ohio. The district of the Over-the-Rhine is renowned for its architecture of the 19th century, including the Findlay Market with food and craft suppliers. The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is located to the south. In the art deco Union Terminal, the Cincinnati Museum Center includes history, science and children’s libraries. The Cincinnati Art Museum exhibits works covering 6,000 years.

Cincinnati is renowned for its distinctive chili inspired by the Mediterranean. Alternatively, reviled and loved, individuals never fail to get a strong reaction from Cincinnati chili. Skyline Chili, which has sites across Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Florida, is the chain restaurant best recognized for this Midwestern delicacy.

One of the earliest references to Cincinnati as the “Queen City” was an 1819 newspaper article that called Cincinnati the “Queen of the West.” This seems to be one of many nicknames that Cincinnati gave himself in the early 1800s, one of which was “Porkopolis,” due to the rise of the town as a center for pork packing.

Cincinnati may seem like one of those “not – a-major-tourist-destination towns,” but it’s truly moving on a lot. From the fast-revitalizing Over – the-Rhine (OTR) to the outskirts and even across the border to Kentucky towns like Newport and Covington, the town really looks like it’s up-and-up.

An icon in the Cincinnati region is the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge. It is the prototype of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York and was named “the singing bridge” because of how vehicle wheels hum when riding through it. Pedestrian paths create it a scenic route to walk (and vice versa) from Cincinnati to North Kentucky.

Children and teenagers in the famous Smile Riverfront Park will love pouncing on the gigantic foot piano. There’s also a carousel, slides, wall climbing stone, porch swings, and so much more to discover in downtown park.

Experience a pleasant and free time! –A way to cool off at the Washington Park pools during the warm summer months. Children will be delighted to squeal as the water jets up to drill them. The park also provides free music, concerts, and other activities throughout the year.

It’s more than just observing baseball to attend a Cincinnati Reds match at the Great American Ball Park. It’s about a tradition dating back to 1869 when the Cincinnati Redleg’s became the first professional baseball team in America. The entire region will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the team in 2019. If you take the family to appreciate America’s favorite pastime, be a component of the tradition.

About us

Galaxy Design custom window treatments, drapes & curtains, distinguished by attractive color varieties and initial designs, mix valuable yarns with fiber technology studies was founded 40 years ago in California. Galaxy Design is a drapes & curtains firm that reflects its private style through state-of – the-art collection of custom window treatments.

Galaxy Design’s curtains, distinguished by attractive color ranges and initial motifs, merge valuable yarns with technological fiber studies to provide various alternatives for timeless elegance custom window treatments, drapes & curtains.

Galaxy Design has been working in USA for more than two decades to manufacture and distribute the collections of curtains & window treatments in all Galaxy Design service locations.

Our sophisticated drapes & curtains packages can be tailored for every sort and size of window, providing you with the ideal house layout and impressing your colleagues. You can customize all drapery packages according to the demands of your room or window. We can cater for any type of window you’ve got; don’t worry we’ve got custom window treatments just for you.

 Why choose us

Incomparable solution

Unique and incomparable is the service provided by Galaxy architecture. Our priority is always the client, and the job does not halt until it is fully fulfilled, smiling and dynamic like no other!

Customer strategy is easy, helpful, and human Whether you’re a customer, provider, or worker, your component of the community and we’re treating you with it. We operate according to the philosophy that the secret of a successful venture is a human strategy and excellent communication focused on the customer’s requirements… And so, the client is completely happy!

Trust and support

In the partnership we create with our customers, we have two vital principles. Mutual confidence enables our developers to let their complete potential and all the knowledge we have profit our clients. This enables us to give clients who want a turnkey service with complete project assistance. Such confidence, of course, needs a respect-based company connection.

Check out below the before and after design and how the perspective of a room is full and ideal with our drapes & curtains.

The process

Here’s how it works:

Go to our blog and check our drapes & curtains packages & sets on our page in these simple measures below. You’ll discover our wonderful packages there, take a look at them and choose what you like.

  • Choose the one you want and then plan a free briefing.
  • One of our professional advisors will call you to inquire about your vision and the style of your house. Suggest thoughts for draperies that will improve your style of house layout.
  • Your assigned expert will look at your windows and sort of furnishings during the call and display you some patterns, materials and equipment that match your style.
  • The ideal elegant drapery set for your house will be designed together.
  • Provide hardware colors and sizes for your textile decisions and offer you a quote and position your order.
  • Upon completion of your elegant drapery bundle. Your package arrives at home with simple setup guidelines for you to follow step by step.
  • You’re going to have the party you’ve been hoping for with your buddies and family before you realize it.

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