Luxury Curtains and Drapes in Akron, OH

About City

Akron is an Ohio town. It is home to Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, with a manor house for the Tudor Revival, a conservatory, and landscaped land. In an 1899 construction with a spectacular addition of glass and steel, the Akron Art Museum shows contemporary items including pop art and pictures. Hale Farm and Village provides a 19th century view of life to the north, with 32 renovated houses, plus farms and farm livestock.

Akron increased in population in the 1910s, making it the fastest-growing town in the nation. A lengthy history of the production of rubber and tires conducted on by Goodyear Tire today earned Akron the title “Rubber Capital of the World.” It was once regarded as a design hub for airships.

Ohio, Akron. Originally set out in 1825, Akron became the Summit County capital in 1841. The title originated from a Greek phrase meaning “an altitude” or “point.” Akron is the dream of a sports-lover. While baseball supporters are rooting at Canal Park for the RubberDucks, football fans can visit the Akron Zips University.

Some other common items to do in Akron include: Barberton Speedway, a motorsports stadium close Norton Northfield Park, a mixture of motorcycle riding and casino close Northfield The Bridgestone Invitational, one of the annual Kendall Cliffs Indoor Rock World Golf Championships or Rock Mill All-American Soap Box Derby Championships, a high-energy, child racing contest.

Akron is not Ohio’s biggest town, but its charming character makes up for what it lacks in size. Known as the City of Invention, Akron is renowned for its polymer studies. That study is still being conducted at Akron University today. Read about hidden gems, inexpensive sights, and local landmarks for more data.

Akron is no stranger to operations that are budget-friendly. It’s simple to discover the City of Invention without hitting the bank with everything from picturesque paths to instructional attractions.

Some of the finest inexpensive stuff to do close Akron include: Brandywine Falls, a picturesque nature region with a mile-long gorge Lock 3 Park, a green space that offers free activities nearly every week of the year Historic Downtown Seville, a downtown region of Akron with beautiful historic architecture All 13 Summit County Metroparks featuring more than 130 miles of trails The Akron Police Museum.

Who we are?

Are you looking for unique luxury curtains that will become a room decoration, while ensuring adequate sunlight for the interior?

In addition to ready-made curtains, we also offer decorative luxury curtains that will meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. Modern curtains delight with their simple or fancy forms, interesting colors and patterns that will emphasize the uniqueness of your interior.

We are a luxury curtain provider for making all kinds of curtains, drapes and covering classic, old and contemporary windows. We have been providing all kinds of valances and technical blinds for over 40 years, including motorized curtains & blinds. And hardware for curtains.

With decades of experience and great competence and availability for the customer and his needs, the Galaxy Design company offers a display of luxury curtains of all types and sizes, suitable for any type of space, both internal and external.

Galaxy design chooses the finest luxury curtains, drapess, but also technical and electric blinds, sliding window customize drapes from among the most common products. The firm also manufactures ornamental hardware in three collections with embellishments named as Gem, crystal and classic hardware collections for luxury curtains.

Luxury curtains from Galaxy design are the perfect combination of luxurious effect, simplicity and practicality to furnish your house or office with flavor and style.

We specialize in custom designs that match advanced architectural types. See below for inspiration our advanced drapery packages.

Our advanced drapery packages can be tailored to suit every window type and size, giving you the perfect home design and impressing your peers. You can customize all drapery packages to suit your space or window requirements. We can cater for any type of window you have; don’t fear that just for you we have lovely elegant drapes.

Check out below the before and after design and how the perspective of a room is full and ideal with our drapes & curtains.

The process

Here’s how it works:

Go to our blog and check our luxury curtains packages & sets on our page in these simple measures below. You’ll discover our wonderful packages there, take a look at them and choose what you like.

  • Choose the one you want and then plan a free briefing.
  • One of our professional advisors will call you to inquire about your vision and the style of your house. Suggest thoughts for draperies that will improve your style of house layout.
  • Your assigned expert will look at your windows and sort of furnishings during the call and display you some patterns, materials and equipment that match your style.
  • The ideal elegant drapery set for your house will be designed together.
  • Provide hardware colors and sizes for your textile decisions and offer you a quote and position your order.
  • Upon completion of your elegant drapery bundle. Your package arrives at home with simple setup guidelines for you to follow step by step.
  • You’re going to have the party you’ve been hoping for with your buddies and family before you realize it.

Hurry up and go
Visit Galaxy Design Akron, OH .by clicking here to see an amazing selection of draperies and fabrics along with embellished hardware, you can get beautiful window frames.

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Shipment & Packaging

Products are delivered in packages designed to ensure safe transport in each target region and comply with the relevant laws. So, there’s no need to care about shipment.

Call us for advice and assist us with your curtains. In order to get the highest tailored outcomes, we strongly recommend you to ask for a consultant and get sample of curtain design and curtain hardware alternatives. So kindly use this free service to create sure you understand precisely what you’re going to get!