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Durham is a North Carolina town. It is part of the region of the Research Triangle, noted for its technology firms and academic institutions. The Neo-Gothic Duke Chapel and the Nasher Museum of Art are on the campus of Duke University, with works by contemporary artists such as Christian Marclay and Ai Weiwei. The Life + Science Museum has hands-on displays, a bears and lemurs butterfly house and wildlife habitats.

Durham is best known as part of the North Carolina Research Triangle, located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. A national leader in medical research and health care, particularly at Research Triangle Park, Durham also houses Duke University’s academic powerhouse, landing a spot on Livability’s Top 10 College Towns. Durham is for those who do it. The unique cultural character of Durham meets you at every turn. It is decorated with local art in each building and at each outdoor performance in the center of the city. The cornerstone of an ever-engaging society is our rich history, groundbreaking accomplishments and inclusive attitude.

Durham has a laid-back but the next vibe ready-for – what. It’s not uncommon to see perfect skateboarders going downtown for craft cocktails after school, or families with young kids enjoying the best of Durham delights. Durham is sufficiently open to let you leave your mark while you’re here — just be prepared to leave your mark on you. The Bull City has cultivated a strong community of local-growing and internationally acclaimed artistic performers, creators, athletes, and restaurants over the past 150 + years— and we have over 5,000 events where they are showcased. We are the unexpected’s well-worn, iron-clad incubator.

Durham’s city went from a town entrenched in the tobacco industry to a technology and medicine pioneer and home to the baseball team of the Durham Bulls minor league. The old brick ruins of buildings that were once part of the facilities for tobacco manufacturing are now being repurposed as cafes, enterprises, apartments and entertainment venues. Set in the backdrop of the train stop and tobacco factories, a modern urban district at the American Tobacco Campus is renovated with artwork, water features, recreational facilities, eclectic dining and entertainment.

Durham maintains its vibrant character with much of its original architecture still intact, making it a big draw for visitors hoping to enjoy the beautiful scenery or the attractions and activities of the city. There is plenty to do and see in Durham at any time of year, from touring the prestigious Duke University campus to taking a trek through the nearby forests.

With a long-established reputation as one of the best places to live, work and play, Durham attracts more than nine million visitors each year to see what the fuss is all about.This city is up to the challenge and provides a wide range of attractions so that everyone can find what they’re looking for: from historic sites that were the scenes of one of the most important moments in American history to landmarks that tell Durham’s own particular story, one with deep roots in the tobacco industry.


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