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The fact of Paterson NJ

Alexander Hamilton and the Society for the Establishment of Useful Manufactures established Paterson in 1792. The town is America’s first scheduled manufacturing center, and the factories and mills were driven by the Passaic River’s Great Falls. As he was with George Washington and the Continental Army, Hamilton first looked at the drops. The town became a powerhouse of industry. In the town were produced firearms and locomotives. Much of the sector has escaped, but some manufacturing companies, like custom furniture manufacturers, call back to the town. The town became renowned for silk factories during its boom years, which gave it the nickname: Silk City.

Paterson is Passaic County, New Jersey, USA’s biggest town and county seat. Its population as of the 2010 U.S. Census was 146,199, making it the third most populous city in New Jersey.

While you may never have heard of Paterson, New Jersey, the city has a distinction that is quite remarkable— it has the second highest density of any city in the U.S. with a population over 100,000, falling just behind New York City.

Its history extends far back and has some remarkable points along the timeline of the history of America. Once upon a time, the land was home to a Native American tribe, though, like the British, the Dutch would go on claiming the region. The Paterson Falls region would subsequently play a humongous part in economically separating the infant United States from Britain, as Alexander Hamilton (yes, that Hamilton) would lead an organization to harness the fall’s energy to promote manufacturing, thereby enabling the oldest Americans to no longer depend on the British for sector. Indeed, some claim Paterson’s town was mainly accountable for the industrial revolution in America.

Paterson would later become a center for immigrants from many countries, making it a great spot not only for historical importance, but for cultural diversity as well.

Paterson Great Falls is a fresh National Park Service facility accessible to tourists for self-guided operations and outdoor walks. Here is a National Natural Landmark, the Passaic River’s Great Falls. They are the centerpiece of the park; key to Paterson’s tale is their beauty and strength. Whether you see them away from Overlook Park or feel their rain in Mary Ellen Kramer Park, the Falls are a must-see for anyone visiting the region.

About Galaxy Design

Curtains provide privacy and elegance in every room

The curtains are an absolutely essential decorative and functional element during the design of the furnishing of every type of environment. They can be considered as the final touch of the artist, able to completely change the sensations that a room can evoke. At Galaxy Design we provide a broad variety of curtains, available in various fabrics and designs, appropriate for giving any area a private touch and lastly making you feel at home.

Why we need curtains?

In interior design, draperies and curtains play several significant functions. The first is to contribute to the well-being of people, to protect them from the winter cold, to create the necessary intimacy or to protect them from prying eyes, but also to make the room comfortable and cozy. The second function is more artistic: a screen enables a window to be organized thanks to its form and color and thus demonstrates to be an item with excellent furnishing capacity for the different spaces.

Which curtain are you selecting for your house?

Curtains and draperies, like any other furnishing item, take different forms and colors to fit the required environment. We chose some of the trendiest window treatments to assist you choose from, for which we recognized the most suitable kinds of curtain hardware too.

How to choose right curtain type?

It can be hard to choose the correct Draperies & curtains type for each space. Because of the significance of this item, very often we tend to perform it safely, selecting easy and somewhat discreet clothes that do not adequately improve the conditions in which they are positioned. There are many variables to be deemed to choose the ideal curtains, but a magnificent outcome always rewards the attempts.

In reality, fabrics and curtains are accessible in different designs on the market, produced of countless fabrics, colors and motifs. If the maximum aspiration is the harmony with the furniture from the esthetic point of view, the curtain model may change depending on the room and its use from the functional point of view. Let’s see together how to select for each window the ideal windows and inside windows.

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